Are you a corporate or a private organisation in Gauteng looking for an event catering company to help you with your next event? Whether you’re looking to host a sophisticated national or international conference, a stylish 60th banquet, a business luncheon, or a “fairy-tale” dream wedding reception – hiring an event catering company is going to be one of the smartest decisions you can make. While we could give you 20 reasons to partner with an event catering company, we’ve highlighted our top 3.

#1 You Will Save Time, Money and Stress

Wouldn’t it be nice to mingle and converse with your guests without feeling stressed and anxious? While there are many reasons why you should leave the catering to the experts – time, money and stress are the big ones! This is your event, you’ve put money and energy into it and you need to enjoy it. Beneficial to your health and guests, event catering companies do so much more than just provide the catering, they also organise the cutlery, décor, marquees, and any other event elements required. Consisting of a head chef and an event manager, as well as a number of other assistant staff, not only will you be saving loads of time and stress, but add up all those extra labour costs and you’ll also be saving loads of money.

#2 The Catering Will Be Exactly What You Want

Want an authentic 3-course Italian lunch? Want a gourmet buffet of ten different types of organic finger foods? Want sushi and lobster rolls? Or, what about Indian or Mexican? You name it… an event catering company can do it all. From sourcing, purchasing, prepping, preparing, cooking and then serving, the event catering company’s hostesses, waiters and bar staff will work hard to make sure that your guests are always happy. And once the event is over, they will do all the cleaning up after too, so you don’t have to. When you hire an event catering company, you get to enjoy the party while they do all the work.

#3 Creates the Right Professional Atmosphere

Want to make a statement that your guests will never forget? Leave your catering to the professionals! It’s not every day that you or your company get to splash out on such an event, which means that it should be nothing less than perfect. When you work with an event catering company, not only are you telling guests, family or clients that this is an important occasion, but you’re also telling them that you’re a worthy brand with exceptional values. Through the atmosphere you create and the attention you pay to your guests, your event will no doubt make a long-lasting impression

So there it is, the top 3 reasons why you should hire an events catering company for your next event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, product launch, birthday party, wedding, training session or gala, instead of suffering the headache of it all, consider TentWorx. Catering our quality services for all types of events throughout South Africa, let us bring your event to life with our wide variety of menu options and top-quality services.