Planning and hosting a function, event or celebration is about much more than just arranging a few snacks and some music for the evening. If you are interested in creating an experience that your guests will simply love, then you will need to put some forethought and effort in comfort, décor and entertainment too. At Tentworx, we have it all to offer, from table and chair hire, to the hiring of marquees and even catering to suit the desires and needs of any type of gathering. Make sure that you have an idea about the type of end result you are looking for before you put time into shopping around for the right tables, chairs and accessories.

Choosing the right tables and chairs for the occasion is essential. For instance, the chairs that you hire for a 21st birthday celebration will greatly differ to those used for a wedding or anniversary. We offer a variety of chairs of different designs and sizes, which means that you can choose according to comfort and budget. We also offer both round and rectangular tables, allowing you to decide which set up option would be best for your function. Of course, we have great linen and table cloths to make use of and if you need cutlery, crockery and similar items, you can rest assured that your place settings will look great – thanks to our top quality products.

When looking to hire tables and chairs for your function, take the time to chat to our team members, who will assist you with choosing just the right items for the job. Keep in mind that how you decorate and set up your event can truly transform your venue, and that covers for chairs and tables are available in a variety of colours to compliment your theme and colour scheme.

At Tentworx, we make event planning simple. You can request a quote via our website or directly get in touch with us via email or telephone. You will find that our consultants and team members will be just as eager as you are to ensure that your function is one that is comfortable and memorable.

If you are looking for table and chair hire that is cost-effective and easy to arrange, then Tentworx is just the place to go. Take the time to chat to us about your various requirements and we will ensure that you are provided with a range of suitable products to compare and consider. Turn to Tentworx for all of your function needs today!