Have you ever seen a gorgeous evening wedding sprawled across the beach with fire torches to light the way, starlight to add some romance and a stretch tent lit up with candle light and soft decorations? If you have, then you will know that this is possibly one of the most romantic setups for a wedding possible…and chances are that it costs a great deal less than hiring a fancy sought after wedding venue.

Of course stretch tent hire is not only aimed at those who want to host a wedding. They are ideal for cocktail parties and all sorts of other functions too. Hiring a stretch tent will afford you a variety of advantages. For starters, your function will have an elegant aesthetic appeal and you will save on the overall costs of your function due to the outside venue option.

“There’s just something about a stretch tent” – these are the words that have been heard by many in the industry and they certainly have a lot of truth to them. Besides the cost savings and the option to host your function outdoors, there is something so modern and elegant about a stretch tent that everyone wants one for their outdoor event. There are a variety of unique features and benefits of using these tents as follows:

  • They can be set up in a variety of unusually shapes and sizes.
  • There are no real sides and this means that you can have an open event that offers a protective canopy. If you want to create a bit of side protection, ensure that you hire a slightly larger tent to cater to the new setup.
  • You can set this tent up on any type of surface.
  • Various colours are available to choose from and you can also create a colourful appeal with spot lighting.
  • The tents are fire resistant, water proof and UV resistant.

When looking for a stretch tent, or Bedouin tent to hire, consider the range available at Tentworx. These tents offer exceptional product quality and are designed to look phenomenal, regardless of the type of function you are hosting. With the assistance of our friendly and professional staff members, you can select a tent that is the ideal size and can create a set up that is perfectly suited to your specific needs and the appeal that you are hoping to create.

Our stretch tents are made with the latest Free-Form Flex® technology and are absolutely durable. Whether you are hosting your event on the beach, in the desert on an open field, you can expect for the end result to look simply phenomenal. At Tentworx, we also offer the hire of other function goods such as tables, chairs, crockery and cutlery and so on. Everything you could possibly need can be found in one place – at Tentworx!

If you are looking for stretch tent hire offerings that are affordable and offer value for money, then you have come to the right place. Contact us at Tentworx for more useful information and advice regarding our range and our function hire services today.