It is almost the end of the year and time for your next year-end function. If your firm, however, wants to cater to numerous guests at once, then tent hire may be the best option. Our Bedouin tents are exceptionally popular for stylish year-end functions next to the golf course, at the company gardens and on farms surrounded by nature.

What is a Bedouin Tent?

Often referred to as a stretch tent, it is a tent made using Free-Form Flex™ technology, where the fabric can be stretched to the desired layout for unique and highly attractive designs. Our Bedouin tents for hire are UV resistant, fire proof and 100% waterproof.

When you thus make use of TentWorx tent hire services regarding Bedouin tents, you have the assurance that your guests will be protected from harsh sunrays, rain and the risk of fire. With the free form of the Bedouin tent, the possibilities of layouts are endless and we can shape the tent to fit your particular location.

With the unique structure of the stretch tent, you can set up an event hosting space just about anywhere, whether on asphalt, wood, concrete, sand or grass. This ensures that our tents can be used in natural settings, such as at a bushveld lodge or in a park. The tent style allows for partially closed or fully open. You are in control of the ambience. To create a romantic and cosy atmosphere, simply have it fully closed, whereas for a spacious feel, you will want to go with partially closed.

Whether you want to create extra seating or even space on the balcony of your company or want to create a unique setting outdoors, you will love the flexibility that goes with the stretch tent design. The stretch tent has its origin in the Middle East and from there, the name of Bedouin tent. Irrespective of where you place the tent, it will attract attention and your guests will be impressed. Set it up on a sports field or perhaps the beach, indoors or outdoors, according to your year-end function requirements. Our tent hire on the Bedouin tents is exceptionally affordable and with a setup team at your disposal, you won’t need any technical knowledge for setup.

Our free form canopies have been specially designed for durability and to improve the retraction of the fabric memory. Easy to clean and aesthetically appealing, the weatherproof neutral coloured tents can be used with just about any colour scheme and function theme. With superior overall canopy stability, the tents are able to withstand the strong winds so characteristic of Gauteng.

Being exceptionally adaptable to the purpose of the event because of flexibility in layout, the Bedouin tents are amongst our most popular products when it comes to tent hire. Whether you want to host a gala evening or simply a cocktail evening, you can rest assured that these tents will not disappoint.

Add to our tent hire services the catering services available through our sister company, Dine by Design, our range of décor options, lights, DJ, audio-visual equipment, dance floors, tables, chairs and linen that can be rented, and you have to agree that we provide a comprehensive catering and tent hire service.

Why Tent Hire and Not Purchase?

The tents take up a lot of storage space, considering that you will use them once or twice per annum. In addition, you have to do maintenance on the tents and will require your own setup crew. Add to such, the problem of having to transport the tent to your desired venue and you can understand that purchasing may not always be the best option. Besides, you will have to make a large initial capital layout for the tent, which may take years to recover. When you purchase a tent, you have one size and will thus have to work with your available size.

When making use of our tent hire services, you benefit from only paying for the period that you rent the tent. You don’t have to store the tent and we have a setup and décor crew available. Our expert consultants are experienced in setting up the tents on various surfaces. Save money, time and frustration by making use of our tent hire services for your next corporate event.