Some Themes to Think About When Searching for Bedouin Tents for Hire in Johannesburg 

At TentWorx, we offer a wide range of Bedouin tents for hire in Johannesburg. The undeniable truth about these tents is that they are versatile and affordable to hire, which is why so many people opt for these stretch tents, as opposed to regular venues. A Bedouin tent is the ideal outdoor venue provision for weddings, product launches, birthdays, cocktail parties, and any other type of celebration or event. If you are considering a Bedouin tent for your upcoming event, but you’re struggling to think of themes and décor ideas, here are a few top options that are simple to create and set up:

  • Moroccan – this is an easy theme to create with low round tables (close to the ground) and cushions to sit on. Candles can be used on tables and the décor can be done in rusty oranges and reds, with hints of brown. Add a few fairy lights, Moroccan lanterns, and incense, and then there’s not much more to do to create a Moroccan atmosphere!
  • Minimalist cocktail party – imagine a stark white stretch tent set up with dramatic, yet elegant curves and twists, featuring tall tables with snacks, tall bar stools, and fairly lighting around the tent and along guide ropes. It’s a simple design, very appealing, and designed to be quick and affordable to set up. You can create a more elegant appeal by featuring a few comfy couches here and there. In a cocktail party environment, the fancy and colourful drinks are really all the decoration you need.
  • Nightclub/disco party – with these types of functions, it’s all really about the music and the lighting. Make sure that you invest in a dance floor, as your guests will want to dance the night away in comfort, and without damaging their shoes or causing a mud pit (depending on where you have set up). Strobe lights and various areas of the tent lit up with colourful LED lights is all you really need for décor. For the tables, you can add funky straws, balloons, shot glasses, photo props, and similar. A bubble machine is also quite a creative touch for a nightclub or disco themed party.

Find Bedouin Tents for Hire at TentWorx in Johannesburg 

At TentWorx, we feature a range of Bedouin tents for hire. All of our tents are well-maintained and cleaned between uses, which means that you can expect to receive a tent that is in perfect condition and ready to impress your guests. Our team of skilled and experienced riggers will ensure that the tent is set up safely and correctly. This is for the safety of your guests, as well as to ensure that the tent doesn’t sustain any damage. You can work with our team to describe the type of set up or design you are hoping for, and we will do our best to bring this design or setup to life.

Once your function is over, we will return to the venue to dismantle and collect the tent. This also saves you a great deal of time and effort during the event planning process. It’s essential that you provide security for the tent if it is going to be unattended overnight.

At TentWorx, our team is eager to assist you with planning and setting up a function area that will be attractive and memorable. We want to provide your event with that WOW factor and we will do everything we can to afford that to you. We can rig Bedouin tents on just about any surface, so there are no real limitations to work with. Whether you are having your function on the beach, in an open field, in a parking lot, on a rooftop, or even on a balcony, we can ensure that the tent is secured and looks fabulous for your function.

We welcome all interested parties to get in touch with us at their convenience. You can give us a call when you have the time, or send us an email detailing your event, the number of guests, and the potential venue, so that we can advise you on the correct tent size required and the costs involved in the hire and setup.