It is time to celebrate! Invite all your guests and prepare them for a feast of notable proportions. First and foremost – what food will you serve? The food served at a function, event or celebration is of optimal importance. Serve your guests a poorly constructed or presented meal and they will remember it for quite some time. Present them with treats to delight the palette and they will remember it positively. Everyone wants to have a phenomenal celebration and with the use of the right catering companies, you are guaranteed success. From canapés to full 5 course meals, you can have precisely what you need to get your guests’ mouths watering, within budget, with the help of our catering services at Tentworx.

Our sister company, Dine by Design, will ensure that all of your catering needs are identified and attended to. Fine cuisine, mouth-watering treats and meals to suit any occasion, are a standard offering from our team of cooking experts! Whether you are catering for a wedding, spitbraai, cocktail party, buffet, birthday, private function, corporate lunch and product launch, or even golf day, we have the perfect menu and suggestions for you.

When choosing a menu for your function, try to take into consideration the time of day that your function is being held, how many guests you are catering to and the season/weather at the time. The last thing you want to do is serve food that is unsuitable to the mood of your guests and the environment that they are in. If you are not sure what to choose, chat to one of our catering team members who should be able to provide you with a variety of options to consider for your event.

We have absolute confidence that our offerings will delight your guests. We source fresh produce at the best possible rates and by doing so, we ensure that while you are provided with delicious meals and snacks for your guests, you are paying a reasonable rate at all times. Each of our catering team members is passionate about food and the presentation thereof and with this passion we are able to enthusiastically ensure that your function offers a delectable experience for all who attend.

At Tentworx, it is not all about the food. We like to couple our catering offerings with our well-priced function hire and tent hire services. This means that you can quite easily get everything under one roof – from sumptuous meals and snacks, to chairs, crockery, cutlery, linen, tables and even tents! Convenience in the function planning world simply does not get better than this.

At Tentworx, we are firm believers that your meal can only be as good as your catering company, and Dine by Design is undoubtedly the best. We encourage you to make contact with us via telephone or email, to discuss your needs. We will provide you with a quote based on your function and will ensure that you have our attention at all times. When it comes to catering companies and what they have to offer, we outshine the rest.