If you are looking for catering companies that can provide in all your catering and equipment requirements look no further than TentWorx. We provide a wide range of products and through our sister company Dine By Design Catering we can also offer you mouth-watering delicious food for any type of event.

Dine in Style

With guests always remembering the food and décor from an event, you don’t want to compromise on the quality and range of foods served at your function. Dine By Design Catering understands what makes food memorable and how to ensure that guests will talk about the tastiness of the food, the elegance of display and superior level of service.

Rather than leaving you guessing in what will be the most appropriate food to serve at the specific function, we provide you with guidelines regarding the type of cuisine, cocktails or dishes suitable for your event. Our menus are exceptionally well-planned and feature elegant designs. However, that being said, we don’t impose our ideas on clients. You have the final say and if you already have specific dishes in mind, we work with such to ensure fully customised catering to meet your specific requirements.

Our experienced chefs and catering coordinators take responsibility for management of the culinary supplies and ensure that foods are served on time in the manner agreed upon. This means not having to be concerned about the caterers not turning up or food being cold, late or burned. Your guests will be satisfied and we furthermore go the extra mile in making sure that all the products and services we offer are competitively priced.

Décor Draping

Of course, catering companies offer far more than just food and TentWorx certainly does not disappoint. We know our draping and it shows. Our expertise in this regard is well-appreciated by companies, wedding planners, and event organisers. We have an extensive team of well-trained professionals to drape from Bedouin and frame tents to marquee tents and conventional venues. Combine the draping with our expertise and products available and you can understand how our catering services can be called comprehensive.

As expert draping professionals, we offer décor services for a variety of events and themes. Our team of professionals has the experience, creative flair and knowledge to quickly identify the best types of draping for the specific event and or venue. We keep up to date regarding the latest trends and can provide you with the required supplies. From product to building launches, special events, weddings and garden parties form part of our décor experience list.

View our full list of services to get an idea of why we stand out amongst catering companies in South Africa. Contact us for pricing and to discuss your particular equipment hire and catering requirements.