Hiring a Bedouin tent is the perfect solution, if you are looking for an affordable yet elegant and stylish outdoor wedding venue. You can set up such a tent at your own home or an external venue, and save on venue hire costs. What’s more, everything can be set up inside your tent to fully cater to the needs of your guests. There is every reason to believe that your wedding will be absolutely stunning, when hiring a Bedouin tent for the occasion. If you are looking for an intimate or romantic atmosphere, these types of tents will certainly not disappoint.

When compared to the traditional marquee or frame tent, Bedouins are certainly a more modern and trendy alternative. These tents are not only versatile, but absolutely stylish too – no doubt you will see your guests marvel at just how exceptional the fairy lights and other décor make the tent look – especially at night. You will find that many wedding planners recommend these tents, due to their ability to look absolutely glamorous.

One of the best parts of hiring one of these units is the way in which they can be set up. You can rig a stretch tent even in the trickiest space, and the final result can be quite eye-catching and appealing. These tents can be set up on just about any surface and with professionals in the industry helping with the set up, you can rest assured that the safety of your guests has been taken into consideration and catered to. You can rig your Bedouin in the garden, on paving or even on the beach.

At Tentworx, we have Bedouin tents that are manufactured with the latest Free-Form Flex® technology, which ensures that each of our units is not only waterproof, but also fire proof and UV resistant too. You will find that we have various sizes available and can create a multitude of shapes and forms. You can also opt to have the unit fully open or partially closed – this choice is dependent on the weather and of course, personal preference.

When looking to hire this type of tent for your wedding, we strongly advise that you chat to our team about your requirements. While we have various sizes available, a lot of the handling capacity of the tent will depend on your seating arrangements, and whether or not you will have a dance floor, food serving area and so on. By chatting to our professional and experienced team members, you can ensure that your function is perfectly set up, with no unforeseen glitches or hiccups along the way.

At Tentworx, we understand that planning a wedding can be stressful and time consuming, and we make it our aim to ensure that our part in the process is a pleasant experience for you. We welcome you to contact us via telephone or email to discuss your options, and to settle on a unit that will cater to your wedding needs to perfection. Contact us at Tentworx for a Bedouin tent quotation today.