A wedding reception requires a lot of planning and includes various function hire considerations. The first step towards success with such is to select a reputable function hire company that can meet your venue, catering and equipment hire needs. Knowing what type of tent, décor and food you need starts with assessing the number of guests and the location where you want to host the reception.

Once established and you have arranged for the renting of a tent or booked a specific venue, you need to plan the wedding menu. For such, you need to decide on the style of the event.

Formal Dinner

The formal sit-down style is well suited for catering to discerning tastes. For this type of event, you will invite people used to formal affairs and will most probably not be able to cater to the needs of party animals who prefer to dance and mingle with just about anyone at the function. Enquire from the function hire company what the difference in price is regarding buffets and formal sit-down dinners. You may even find that plated dinners are sometimes more affordable than buffets, especially when the catering company has experience in how much food to serve and how to plan the menu. Buffets are sometimes more expensive, but cater to the needs of guests that simply cannot stay away from the delicious food and want to go for second servings.

Buffet Style

If you want to spoil your guests with choice, then a buffet is a good choice. You can go with a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner buffet. If, however, you want to cater to the culinary needs of 100 or more guests, you can expect the price to be higher and also will have to deal with food lines, if there are not enough serving tables. Ask about the best types of food for a buffet, since most buffet dishes are best if enjoyed in about two and maximum three hours. Ask how long before the reception the buffet will be set up and how the lines of people will be handled. You will want service people to direct the traffic to the buffet table, in order to prevent congestion. You also want to find out whether dirty plates will be removed from the tables.

Cocktail Style

A third style to consider is that of finger foods and cocktails. This is an excellent style if you are working on a tight budget, but still need to cater to many guests. However, note that with this style, your function should not be longer than three or four hours. The style is well-suited for receptions with over 200 guests and if you want to be the centre of attention, then you will love it. Short introductions and mingling opportunities make this a very sociable style.

Our experts at TentWorx are available to assist in the selection of the tent, equipment, catering equipment, furniture and menus to meet your requirements.