If you are looking for an event venue that offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility, you should be considering a tent or marquee. Tent hire for events has certainly proven to be a good option. Whether you are trying to project a professional image at a corporate event or trying to provide a bit of glamour and sparkle to a party, a tent provides the perfect “venue” for it. If budget and location are important deciding factors for your event, a tent is the ultimate solution. How so? Tents tend to be far more cost-effective to hire than a venue with all of its facilities. Let’s face it; with a tent, you can set it up anywhere (well, almost!). While a tent might be the right choice for you, there are a few additional things that you will need to consider:

Selecting the Right Location for Your Tent 

Location is a key factor for anyone hosting a tented event. Whether your ideal location is an open field, vineyard, the beach, or similar, it is important to find out who to speak to about getting authorisation for rigging your tent and making use of the property for your event. There are procedures involved for hosting outdoor events, so simply make sure that you adhere to them and you should not experience any problems.

Budget, Budget, Budget! 

Yes, tents are cheaper to hire than venues, but that does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind in terms of your budget. You will still need to cater to additional expenses such as your dancefloor, catering, décor and, of course, the hiring of all the tables, chairs and other items. Chat to the tent hire company that you are working with. You will find that they often offer all that is required to host the event, from function hire to full catering and even lighting and music. Or you could just talk to us, because we certainly have it all.

Don’t Skimp on Space 

The size of the tent you hire is vitally important. If you skimp on size, you will find that your event is cramped and therefore not enjoyable. Remember that you need space for each guest to move. Do not forget to cater to the space that tables take up as well as the food serving area, dancefloor and social areas. We can assist you with calculating just how much space you will need for a comfortable event, based on the number of guests.

Provide Facilities for Your Guests 

One of the benefits of hiring a traditional venue for your party, wedding, or corporate event is that they come complete with built-in facilities. If you opt for tent hire for events, you would have to have to think about access to electricity (generators are an option), lighting, toilets, secure parking, and more. Most tent hire companies will be able to help you with all of these facilities. Sometimes, it may be important to arrange a site visit with one of the consultants so that a comprehensive, all-inclusive quote can be provided.

TentWorx can help you set up your tent to suit your event. Whether you are hosting a relaxed event, a corporate affair, or birthday bash, we can assist. Our team is adept at event planning and set-up and we would love to assist you with creating a celebration that can and will be enjoyed by all invited. If you would like to learn more about our options of tent hire for events, there is no more time to waste. Get in touch with us and start planning the ultimate event now. Simply send us an email or give us a call to find out how we can assist you.