Before contacting catering companies for tableware, chairs, event and dance floors, cutlery and menu options, you have other factors to consider in planning your corporate event of which a few are briefly touched below.


Even if you plan the perfect corporate event, but guests are unable to attend because the venue is just too far from main access routes, airports and civilisation, then you will struggle to get maximum attendance. Consider how the guests will get to the event, how long it will take from the office, if it is for your employees, and whether or not there are nearby airports, if it is a national event. However, you don’t have to select a far-off location to get your employees in the mood for a fun team building event or an annual function. Simply erect a tent on the lawn of your office park and contact one of the catering companies to manage the décor, equipment, food and beverages. It will save your employees on travelling time and costs, while providing them with an opportunity to socialise outside their immediate offices.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

You know how important it is to keep within the corporate entertainment budget. Compile a budget for venue, tent, catering and décor, as well as equipment requirements. Remember that the tent is an empty canvas that must be transformed into a dream space through décor. Here we can recommend ambient lights and drapes. Also keep in mind that not all of your employees may be up for a spitbraai and it is thus essential to make use of a catering company that offers an array of menu choices to suit your particular culinary requirements. Discuss your culinary budget with the caterer, in order to ensure that the menu can be planned accordingly. Also consider the costs of transportation to and from the venue, if you host at a remote location.


The total number of guests expected, the list of VIP guests, and list of guests travelling from other provinces or countries must be carefully studied. You want to ensure that the venue will be big enough, seating done according to the relevant groups and catering done with consideration for special dietary needs, such as halal or kosher. The foods served must fit the tastes of the particular group. With South Africa being a country of diverse tastes, you will need to create a menu that will not offend any particular cultures.

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