Stretch tent hire has become the preferred option for stylish outdoor events instead of hosting such events under permanent shade structures, because of the flexibility of the tents to be styled according to the layout requirements of the event. We’ve answered a few of the frequently asked questions about stretch tent hire below in order to help you make the right tent selection.

What are the important set-up considerations when I want to make use of stretch tent hire services?

It is important to consider the purpose of the tent. Your intention with hiring the Bedouin tent will be important. You need to think of the tent as a venue for your event.

  • How many guests do you plan on inviting?
  • Will you have music instruments placed on a stage in the tent?
  • Do you plan a wedding, dance party, or corporate product launch etc?
  • Do you have a specific theme in mind?
  • Do you need several smaller ones or one large one for a music festival, or perhaps a market?

You also need to consider the shape of the tent. With the Bedouin styled stretch tent, you have the benefit of a versatile fabric that can be shaped into different shapes. As long as the tent fits into the required space and the shape gives you the interior space that you need, you can think of just about any type of shape, and we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your requirements.

Also find out whether you will be allowed to erect a stretch tent at the specific venue. Be careful with public spaces, as you will need to get permission from the municipality to do so. Many municipalities require that you have the permission at least 21 days before the event. There are factors, such as underground electrical cables and pipes, which we take into account. You will need to identify the location of such before the tent is set up, to prevent damage to the pipes.

The surface is another important consideration. Although our stretch tents can be erected on flat, hard and soft surfaces, even when there is a slight slant, it does help to have a plan of the surface area before rigging, especially if it is an unusual surface, because we’ll need to prepare for such. We do offer on-location site inspections where needed.

When it comes to stretch tent hire – how do I know which size is the best?

First, do a head count. Now also consider whether they will sit, stand or do both. Will you need a dance floor and how many people do you want to be able to dance at the same time? Also consider which seating arrangement you have in mind. Will you want banquet style, cinema style, or perhaps a U-shape seating plan? Having such information will help us to determine the appropriate size of tent. If it is for a market – consider how many rectangular tables you’ll want to place, how many chairs and how wide you want the walking spaces. One of our consultants will help you determine the right size, shape and style of tent for your specific event.

When is it better to make use of stretch tent hire services compared to buying a stretch tent?

The Bedouin tents are rather expensive to buy, but if you are going to use the tent on a regular basis for events, it makes sense to buy. However, do consider how long it will take you to get a return on your investment before buying a tent. With tent hire, you get a well-maintained tent with a set-up and take-down team, the benefit of our expertise in selecting an appropriate size for the particular event, and you benefit from our low prices.