Enjoy a Charming, Intimate Wedding Setting. Find Affordable Wedding Tents for Hire at TentWorx

If you are looking for wedding tents for hire, congratulations, for you have made an excellent choice. There are many reasons why couples and planners opt for tented weddings. First and foremost, tents create a romantic, intimate ambience that is hard to match. You also have the best of both worlds: your wedding can be hosted at a gorgeous outdoor location while your decorations, food, and guests are provided with cover from the elements. You have certainly made a good choice with tent hire, but it is important to realise that a tented wedding is not just about pitching a tent and showing up. Getting married is not camping, after all… Forethought is required. To help you with the process and to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch, we have compiled a few need-to-know tips for pulling off the perfect tented wedding:

  • Budget carefully and make sure you have some emergency cash to spare. Remember that you are not just looking for an affordable tent to hire. You must also cater to the expenses of lighting, decorations, mobile food stations, and so on. Make sure that your wedding coordinator calculates these expenses before you commit. A part of your budget must include a safety certificate and insurance, just in case.
  • Pick your tent style before you start daydreaming about décor and setup. Wedding tents for hire are offered in a variety of styles including frame marquees, peg-and-pole tents, and stretch tents (Bedouin tents).
  • Choose the location of your wedding. This can actually determine which type of tent you can choose. For instance, peg-and-pole tents are better suited to softer grass or soil surfaces, while frame tents are a good option on concrete or tar (in fact, frame tents are perfect for almost all surfaces).
  • Make sure that you hire the right size tent. Remember that your tent must cater to tables, chairs, social zones, people moving around, and maybe even a dancefloor. It is important to cater to around 1,5 m2 of space per guest. If you try squeeze everything in to save space and cash, chances are that it is going to be cramped and awkward for both you and your guests.
  • Think of flooring options. Are your guests going to be wearing heels? Will there be a dance area? Some couples simply rely on the grass as flooring, but you could install a dancefloor or think about astro-turf or carpeting. Nobody likes to ruin a good pair of heels or spread mud and dust everywhere, so give this a bit of thought.
  • Be aware of the weather. Unfortunately, wedding tents do not have air conditioners installed. If it is a warm time of year, think about portable fans or air conditioners. If it is cold, think about heaters. Whatever you do, be prepared for the weather. You do not want your guests to be uncomfortable and leave early.

At TentWorx, we know just how charming a tented wedding can be and that is why we offer an extensive range of tents for hire including Bedouin, frame marquee, and peg-and-pole options. We offer additional supporting services for weddings too. These include the hiring of chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery, furniture, and lighting. We also offer a catering service that can provide you with a variety of delicious meals and treats to choose from.

If you would like to discover a range of top-quality wedding tents for hire at competitive rates, take the time to get in touch with us. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to helping you make your special day one to be remembered.