Find Quality Tents and Catering for Hire for Your Next Event or Celebration

Hosting an event of distinction is not an easy task. The host receives all the glory for the set-up, décor, food and entertainment based on their ability to pull it all together effectively. And it can be quite a task if you do it all yourself. A successful event runs without a hitch, has sumptuous meals or snacks provided and has a beautiful setting that dazzles the guests. Does it all sound like too tall an order? Well, it is not when you have a professional tent hire and catering company at your disposal. If you have been weighing up your options in terms of tents and catering for hire, we welcome you to discover what we have to offer at TentWorx. Collaborating with us is a great way to guarantee the success of your event.

When you rent with us, it is about more than just providing a cover or protection against the elements for the date of your event. And it is certainly about more than just making sure your guests have snacks or food available to tide them over. Our team is passionate about events, year-end functions and celebrations, which means that we will go the extra mile to make your event the event of the year. Everything, from the condition of our tents to the quality of produce that we use in our catering, is of exceptional standard. Our aim is to impress your guests and that is what we will do! We do not believe in half measures and cutting corners and we treat every event as if it is our own. Our tents and catering for hire at TentWorx will truly impress not just you, but your guests and those that hear about the event after the fact as well.

When you hire a tent (plus catering services and items, for that matter), there are several things to be considered that will affect the overall success of the occasion. A great deal of planning must go into the process if you want everything to be perfect and TentWorx is here to assist you with the planning process. Below are a few tips to help you with the process:

  • Determine the final figure of how many guests will be attending and make sure that there is sufficient space available. Remember that your seating arrangements will take up some space and guests should be able to move around freely without bumping into each other or feeling cramped.
  • Consider all of the seating plan options. Sometimes the way you seat guests can save a bit of space.
  • Do not forget to allow for enough additional space for food serving areas, the dancefloor, drinks area, social spaces and similar space requirements.
  • Remember that you will need a generator or some form of power source to ensure that your tent interior has electricity for lights, sound systems, food heating, cooling and similar.
  • Interior décor needs to be decided prior to the event. The last thing you want is to set up the tent only to realise that you have a shortage of fairy lights or draping materials. Professional decorators should be able to calculate your requirements accurately for you.

At TentWorx, we have many years of experience in the industry. Our consultants will be able to advise you in terms of tent size as well as what your catering requirements might be. With a full service such as ours, it will be hard not to impress your guests. If you are shopping around for tents and catering for hire for your upcoming event, year-end function or celebration, it is time to chat to a team in the know. Give us a call or take the time to send us an email so that we can advise you further on the options available to you.