How Décor Expertise Sets a Function Company in Gauteng Apart 

Regardless of the event’s size, you will need to think of elements such as seating, tables, chairs, linen, glassware, cutlery, and more. If the event is hosted outdoors, then a tent is a must to protect against the elements, and to provide the ambience needed for a spectacular event. Your first step is to find the right service provider for function hire in Gauteng.

You want a company with years of experience in function hire, and one that is able to provide the services wherever you are located in Gauteng, at an affordable price. In addition, the company should be able to offer more than the ordinary function hire services in Gauteng. You want a service provider that can provide you with guidance on tent selection, décor, seating, appropriate catering equipment, the food, and more. We meet the profile and are also located in Gauteng.

Perhaps you have heard about draping, but don’t know how to do it? If so, you will appreciate our professional expertise and product offering. We can proudly say that we have mastered the art of draping and can transform any space into a wonderland. This also applies to any of the tents we supply.

Correct Symmetry for Optimal Dimension

Our specialists will help you choose the correct direction of the draping flow, in order to maximise the effect of the draping. This will also help to create the perfect photo spot for your guests.

Add Style to Chairs with Draping

One way to connect the chairs with the overall theme of the function is to apply innovative draping methods to highlight important seats, such as that of the groom and bridegroom, CEO of the company, VIP guests, and the likes. Of course, we can also drape all the chairs.

Connect the Seating Style with the Décor of the Ceiling

One of the reasons why we stand out as a service provider of function hire in Gauteng is our ability to think outside the conventional spaces of décor. We understand the principles of interior design, and know how to apply innovative décor to connect spaces and elements. This also applies to the connection between the seating style and the ceiling of the event’s venue. If not careful, the draping from the ceiling can be so overwhelming that it takes away from the rest of the function’s décor.

Add that special touch to your event. Get professional help and equipment by making use of our function and décor hire services in Gauteng.