Tips on How Function Hire in Gauteng & Other Tricks Can Help You to Cut Back on Wedding Costs 

If you are worried that your wedding is going to cost an arm and a leg, you could be right! Many people find themselves getting into debt just so that they can have the perfect wedding. If you are looking to have the perfect celebration to start your lives together, but don’t want it to cause major debt to share, then there are ways in which you can cut back on costs. By making a few wise and informed choices, you can easily afford your wedding and start your new lives together, debt-free. Having the perfect wedding is absolutely achievable, so we’re going to share a few tips and tricks with you.

There are many ways in which to save on your wedding costs, and here are a few to consider:

  • Opt for function hire in Gauteng, instead of forking out large sums of money on fancy venues. It’s no secret that wedding venues can and do charge a fortune, which often means that you can only have the venue for a certain number of hours. Hiring a marquee or tent for your venue will immediately cut back on costs, and ensures that your celebrations can on just a little bit longer too. You can cut back on costs even further if you hire the tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, lighting, and so on. At TentWorx, we can provide you with the marquee and absolutely all other function hire items you require, and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it all is.
  • Hire your wedding attire. Spending thousands on a brand-new wedding dress and suit/tuxedo is not necessary. You can find a second-hand dress or even hire a dress, and literally shave thousands off your wedding costs.
  • Don’t spend thousands on venue-supplied catering. Bring in your own catering company that knows your needs and budget. Even if you are not hiring a marquee and are rather opting to hire a venue, catering costs can be cut right back by hiring your own caterer. At TentWorx, we offer in-house catering services with a variety of menus to choose from. Simply tell us your intended budget and we can provide menus that cater to it. Opt for simple menu options, as excess salads and desserts are often wasted.
  • Opt for e-invitations instead of printed invitations. The cost of invitations these days is high. You will need to have them designed, personalised, and posted. All of these costs can add up. If you want to cut back on costs, send invitations online. It’s just as effective, and you can save quite a bit on your total wedding costs.
  • Hire bigger tables. You can seat more guests at one table, yes, but it also means that you will spend less on centre pieces, table cloths, runners, and table décor items.
  • Scale down on the size of the wedding cake. Many couples feel that they need a huge wedding cake to cater to each guest, but often, not all guests even eat the cake and much of it can go to waste. Scale down on the size of the wedding cake, or even opt for mini wedding cupcakes to cut back on costs.

At TentWorx, we can assist you with function hire in Gauteng, as well as catering. Whether you need a marquee or full-service event catering and hire, we can assist. If you would like to contact us to chat about the cost of function hire in Gauteng, simply send us an email or give us a call today.