Whether you want to host a wedding, product launch, 21st birthday party, anniversary or training session, you can depend on TentWorx for all your function hire equipment. Indeed, we also supply décor and catering services. Since we know that function hire services only form one part of your event, we have provided you with a few tips on planning for the occasion.

Get an Upfront Price

If you are renting a venue where you will erect the tent, make sure that you get an upfront quote for space rental. This applies whether you will set-up the tent in a parking lot for a large book sale, at a trade exhibition or school, or whether it is on a farm.

Select a Tent that Will Be Large Enough for the Number of Guests

Use our guidelines at the tent hire section to determine the correct tent size and type for the specific function. Although you may plan for a 100 guests only, you also have to consider the seating arrangements such as cinema, banquet or horseshoe layout style. Also consider the table sizes and how much space is needed between tables.

Our guidelines are comprehensive and should you need more assistance in determining the correct tent size, simply get in contact with our sales consultants. It is important never to overcrowd the venue. Overcrowding will not only be uncomfortable, but will pose a fire and safety risk to your guests. If you plan on hosting your wedding ceremony under the tent canopy in addition to the reception, you have to plan for a minimum of 1.5 metres per guest and 3 metres per guest to allow for musicians and the aisle, as well as ceremony area.

Plan for Enough Time to Setup the Event Area

Keep in mind that it takes time to setup a tent, the tables, and décor, lighting, flooring and audio equipment. If you rent a venue where the tent will be set-up, you need to ensure that you will have access to the space at least one day ahead of time. At minimum you should have six hours before your event to setup the space. The more time you have available, the better you will be able to prepare.

Make sure that the venue owner will provide you with enough time for disassembling of the tent and the catering equipment. Negotiate the above arrangements before signing a function hire venue agreement.

Restroom Facilities

If you plan on hosting an event, such as a music festival, keep in mind that people will need to make use of restrooms throughout the event period. Hire enough portable restrooms for your number of guests if there are no restrooms at the venue. You will have to budget for the hiring of portable restrooms in addition to your audio, visual and catering equipment.

Ambience Setting

For a wedding ceremony, you will want an ambient setting to ensure that the guests will be able to enjoy and uninterrupted ceremony. Carefully select the venue where you will host any event where there will be a speaker or focus on a ceremony. We also offer our expertise in draping and ambience creation to help you host a memorable event.

Surface Area

When you book a tent and function hire equipment, such as tables and chairs, consider the specific surface. Will the event be hosted on a tar, concrete, tile, wood, soil, gravel or grass surface? Is there a level area where the tent will be erected? It is essential to give the information through when requesting a quote and assistance in selecting the correct tent and equipment. We have the required equipment to ensure that you can host your event on just about any surface.

Get Professional Help

Apart from our comprehensive tent hire services and products, as mentioned earlier, we also provide full catering equipment and catering services. You can furthermore make use of our project expertise to manage the setting up of the tent, tables, décor and dining facilities. As such, we provide you with a complete function hire service, which will help you to avoid common pitfalls in event hosting of any nature and at the end of the day help you to save money as well as to host a seamless event.