We have answered a few of the commonly asked questions about tent hire to help make the process of determining which tent to hire a bit easier.

How much area is needed around the tent?

Whether you decide on a frame or conventional marquee tent, you will need to allow for perimeter space around the tent. If it is a pole tent, you will need around 1.5 metres minimum around the tent for the setup as the stakes will be placed in the soil in a 1.5 metre perimeter surrounding the tent. With a frame tent you don’t have to be concerned about the stakes, but it is still recommended to allow for a small perimeter.

How do I determine the size of the tent required?

First conduct a guest count for the function. If you plan on hosting a sit-down event with the standard size tables you will need to allow for nine metres space for every table of eight persons and do the same for the head and buffet tables. This will give you an indication of the space requirements and thus tent size.

When is a frame tent better than a pole tent?

If the event will be hosted on a deck or another type of hard surface where you cannot put stakes into the surface, we recommend the frame tent. With no extending ropes the frame tent also takes up less space and is thus well-suited for areas with limited space. If the event is hosted in exceptionally windy conditions and on an asphalt or grass surface you can go with the conventional marquee. The pole type can cover a larger area because of its excellent support and is thus better suited for occasions where you want to fit many guests.

How can I find tent hire prices?

Simply contact TentWorx for tent hire prices. We will help to determine the type and size needed and thus help you to save money and frustrations.

Is the Bedouin rain-proof?

Yes, the Bedouin canvas is rain proof and because of its unique setup can form a shield against wind and rain from the side. However, any event should be stopped temporarily during a thunderstorm.

What if the surface has a slope – can I still erect a tent?

Yes, if the slope is not too severe, you will be able to erect the tent. We can make use of adjustable legs to ensure that the tent top is level. Please provide information about the surface and slope when you request a tent hire quote.

What if I want the tent to be connected to a building?

We suggest using a frame tent for this purpose because it does not require perimeter space and because no poles and pegs are utilised for additional support, the tent can be placed next to a wall.

Can I roll up the side panels for effect or to get more air into the space during a hot summer day?

Yes, discuss your requirements with our consultants to ensure that we supply you with a tent that offers roll-up or pole side adjustable panels.

Contact us with your requirements or questions regarding our tent hire options to get complete information and personal assistance.