Venue hire, decorations, catering, comforts, aesthetics… the list of what is required to make a function or celebration memorable can really go on and on. Unfortunately, dream functions and celebrations can only be brought to life through hard work, meticulous planning and effort. And often all of this can take its toll on your finances.

One of the first steps to ensure that your function goes off without a hitch is to ensure that you have a set budget in place and that you shop around and plan according to your affordability. If you do not have a set budget before you get started, prepare to be disappointed by all the things that you simply cannot afford. Budgeting helps you to be realistic and also helps service providers assist you with creating a gorgeous function or venue setting that does not break the bank. Don’t worry – a lot can be done to spice up a function, even on a limited budget – you just need the right service providers and planners on your side.

Let us start with your venue. If you want to cut out the hassle of visiting venue after venue and being utterly horrified by their prices, especially around the end of the year, it is time to consider the alternatives. We have various tents available for hire and  our clients are simply thrilled by the versatility and beauty of the tents that we have to offer. Let’s face it, you can transform a tent into a magical wonderland and you can do it far cheaper than if you were decorating and kitting out a hall or building. TentWorx also offers décor hire as part of our function hire packages. Draping, fairy lights, lighting, and a great deal more can all be included at a highly competitive price, when hiring a tent from us.

Of course, we understand that our clients want the convenience of being able to choose from a variety of tent designs. Not everyone likes the same type of tent and depending on your function theme, you might be looking for something quite specific. In our function hire range you will find that we offer frame marquees, regular marquees and stretch tents (also called Bedouin tents). All of these tents are available in many sizes, ranging from small to extra large, which means that when hiring a tent from us, you can cater to just about any function size.

We are a professional team and we adhere to the safety regulations in place in the industry. This means that, after you have selected your tent to hire, we will deliver it to your chosen site and will ensure that it is correctly and safely rigged. You will be advised of all safety instructions too. We will also ensure that it is correctly dismantled after your event. The stress and hassle of venue hiring and carting is taken off your shoulders.

Tent and décor hire is one thing, but you also need to think about setting up your tent for the event. You will need tables, chairs, serving areas, crockery, cutlery, linen, and so much more, and guess what? We provide all of those things too. Get a full service under one roof with us; this means that your event or function can be handled to perfection without having to deal with a multitude of suppliers and service providers. That certainly simplifies things greatly!

If you are interested in hosting the function or the event of the year without racking up a small fortune to pay for it, choose TentWorx to assist. We have tents for hire, décor for hire and a helping hand that will provide you with everything you need for a fabulous celebration or gathering. For more information and advice, simply email or call us today.