The latest décor and style trends reported by tent rental companies suggest that more and more people are opting for tent rentals, whether for birthday parties, corporate functions, product launches, music festivals, beer gardens or gala events. The trend has a lot to do with the flexibility that a tent offers.

Although tents in the past were seen as simple structures to protect against wind and rain when hosting a function, developments in the designs of canvas canopies, structures and styles of tents have made them popular because of the flexibility that they offer. The conventional venue is often a fixed size and it is thus difficult to adapt the venue to the total number of guests.

With the tent rentals, people can choose the size of their tent according to the number of guests and the type of tent in relation to the location, surface, event type and style. What is even more exciting is that these tents facilitate stunning décor, enabling one to change the interior to suit the theme and the overall style factors you want to portray.

Inflatable Décor

One of the benefits of inflatables is that the décor takes up very little space when not inflated. It is possible to get larger-than-life facades to create unusual entrances to the venue or to brand the inflatables and add backlighting for unique effects. The inflatable décor structures are very popular with matric farewell and music events.

Indoor Hosting

Ever thought that you would erect a tent indoors? Well it is now possible with the aluminium frame tents, since they don’t need the peg and pole system. Lightweight in design, the frame tents are exceptionally attractive and well-suited for placements on decks, indoors and outdoors. Restaurants and lodges now often make use of tent rentals for specific events to enlarge their indoor seating capacity, or to add a special touch to their events. Although you will be able to see the frame inside, draping specialists will be able to transform the walls into colourful or themed panels which will hide the frames. These tents can be erected within an hour, making them perfect for last minute crisis management.

Add the Flair

Another tent décor trend to observe is the skilful usage of drapes hanging from the ceilings and the walls. These drapes can be in any colour of choice or can be white with special lighting transforming them into the colours that you want. Draping décor is now widely used at corporate functions, gala events and wedding receptions. You will be able to transform the space into a dreamworld with only a few drapes.

The Road to the Past

Just walk the streets of Clarence, Dullstroom, Cullinan, De Rust and Parys, and you will notice how historical settings can be used to create unique venues. The rustic look is back and with a tent as your venue, you can create old-time charm combined with modern chic. With South Africa being a sunny country, people love the outdoors and tents provide them with the opportunities they seek to host events in the open bush with a rustic undertone, without losing any of the luxuries guests require. Themes such as Remember the Good Old Cape, Wine & Cheese in the Bush, Digger & Queen, and Diamonds are Forever work well with such settings. Gatsby and the Mafia years are back with a bang while WWI and WWII themes are also making an impact.

Dramatic Does It

The leading trend is to create some kind of dramatic effect, the type that stops people in their footsteps. Of course, for special events, you will not want to shock, but inspire whispers of wonder and outright applause in appreciation of the effects. Using living walls of plants, large sculptures, long drapes, lasers, and even synthetic clouds, people now transform their tents into exciting spaces, whether for exhibitions or functions.

Green is the Future

With sustainable development practices now making headlines and corporate entities feeling the pressure to comply and lead the way with green concepts, tent rental companies report a growing interest in creating spaces that can be removed after functions. Of course, tents are the answer. Add the distinct green character with plant displays, organic foods, freshly squeezed juices, recycled paper invites and placement of recycle bins outside.

Whatever event you want to host, keep it unique, but in fashion. Tent rental from TentWorx seems to be the most flexible option to ensure that you can decorate the way you want, host the event at the venue of choice and cater to the total number of guests invited.