Outdoor weddings come with various risks and it is thus essential to select a tent that will suit the occasion. We provide an introduction to function tents below to help you understand the basics discussed in the tent specifications.

Roof Structure

The rooftop is normally made from vinyl or a stretched fabric with supporting frame and poles. The clear top tents are well-suited for warmer days and thus summer outdoor weddings. These types of tents allow for draping, which will help you to hide the roofing structure if you use a frame type.

Light Structure

Various lighting solutions are available to ensure that the main table or specific tables can be highlighted. Projection lighting helps to highlight specific decorations, the cake and food tables or the podium. It is imperative to discuss your lighting and décor requirements with the consultants of TentWorx. This will help us to provide you with an accurate quote. If you are not sure, discuss your initial concept with us and we will help you to choose the correct lighting for the occasion.

Temperature and Climate

If the tent is enclosed you may need climate control to ensure that the indoors area does not become too warm for the guests. For this you may need to add fans, which can be attached to the support poles or to the roof. If the wedding is hosted on a warm day, we suggest making use of side panels that can be rolled up, removed or at least have panels that can open. With detachable vinyl walls you will be able to control the temperature adequately. Decide whether you want windows to allow for natural light flow, which will beneficial during a day wedding ceremony or want solid panels for a night event. You can also opt for a Bedouin style tent which will not have sides, but will be rainproof.

Floor Considerations

You don’t have to add a floor, but if you want people to dance, it is recommended to include a dance floor. If the surface area is rather uneven, consider a sub-flooring option such as Astroturf or a plywood floor.

Tent Style

The Bedouin style is exceptionally popular because of the elegant look and feel associated with it. The tent is erected according to the customer layout preference and it has the advantage of being rainproof, but setup is complicated and it does not have completely enclosed walls. The classic style has centre and support poles to keep the structure up, but you also have the option of a frame tent, which is lighter in structure weight than the conventional marquee and is well-suited for outdoor weddings.

View the range of tents available and contact us to help you select an appropriate type and size to meet your requirements.