If you are looking for affordable marquee hire prices, but want to make sure that the marquee you rent is well-suited for your specific event, we suggest making use of TentWorx. We aim to meet the service catering and equipment hire needs of clients beyond their expectations and regularly share guidelines and tips, such as the ones below, to help you get the most from marquee hire services.

Location of Placement

Will you erect the tent on a grass, dirt, wooden or concrete surface? This is important since it will determine the type of pole setup and support that will be needed to ensure a sturdy structure.

Space Availability

Though one tends to think mostly of the number of guests to attend the function, it is also important to consider whether enough space is available for the specific tent you want to hire. You have to consider whether any supporting cables will be needed on the outside of the tent and also calculate the space required for such. Measure the space dimensions to ensure that the tent you select can fit.

Number of Guests

It is important to have a fair estimate of the number of guests to attend. Having people walk in and out of the tent at an exhibition or product sale is different from having a wedding or sit-down function where the guests will spend most of the time in the tent without leaving to make space for other people to enter.

Type of Function

Equally important to the number of guests, you have to consider the function type. Will it be an exhibition, book sale, product launch, wedding, birthday party, seminar, or dance party? This is important since it will also affect your equipment selection of the tent. With a wedding you will need a main table, various guest tables, gift table, seats and more which all take up space. You will thus want to inform the marquee hire consultant about the event type and whether it will be a sit-down or stand event.

Day or Night Function

If it is a day function you won’t need to be as concerned with lights, but for a night function you should also consider the lighting options available for the tent. Likewise, consider whether the event will be held in the summer or winter. For summer months, additional ventilation to minimise heat build-up in the tent will be required. For winter months, you will definitely want a tent that has covered sides.

Other considerations include where the power source will be located, whether you need the tent for one or several days, and whether you want to decorate it or perhaps hang point of sale materials. Our consultants understand the various function requirements and can help you rent the best marquee for your particular function.