Magical Marquees – Choose Tent Hire for a Fabulous Event in Johannesburg

There’s just something special about an event in a tent. Who doesn’t remember the excitement of a trip to the circus to watch trapeze artists flying through the air under the big top? For many people, just walking into a tent brings back childhood memories of building cosy blanket tents in the lounge and snuggling down for a sleepover. A tent creates an incredible atmosphere that simply cannot be replicated, which is why you should consider marquee hire for your next event.

Tents offer a classic appeal for any event. Tent hire has come a long way. These days, tents can be made to look absolutely beautiful inside and out, and styled in so many ways to suit the needs of your event. They can be draped and decorated, and there are now many different options to install flooring, so you don’t run the risk of high heels getting stuck in the grass and similar.

Apart from the fact that we think tents are marvellous and magical, here are a few other reasons why tent hire in Johannesburg is a wonderful idea:

The World is Your Oyster

You can set up a tent just about anywhere, which means that your choice of venue becomes far more flexible when you hire a marquee. Whether it’s a wedding, a music festival or a 21st birthday party, finding the ideal venue can be difficult. However, when you decide to hire a tent, suddenly you find that there are many more options – overlooking a dam, in the middle of the veld, on a farm, or even in your own back garden!

Make a Date for the Ideal Venue

Locating a spot where you can set up a tent, and booking a date that is convenient for you, is also far easier than booking an indoor venue. You’re far more likely to get the exact date that you want, as many indoor event venues are booked months in advance.

You are in Control

Renting a marquee in Johannesburg gives you so much flexibility and control over the details of your event. You can choose the size of your tent, bring in your own caterers and your own music, and you’re less likely to be shut down at midnight on the dot (or whenever the venue closes). This means that you can plan your event right down to the last tiny detail, exactly how you want it.

It’s a Room with a View

One of the great things about hiring a marquee is that it enables you to bring the outside, inside. If your chosen location is especially beautiful (and let’s face it, with our stunning South African landscape, that’s likely to be the case), you can hire a tent with clear or detachable sides to provide a stunning view and make your guests feel like they’re having an outdoor picnic, while still giving ample protection from the sun and the elements.

Go Wild with Design

Another draw card for tent hire in Johannesburg, is that you are essentially given a blank canvas when it comes to décor. Most venues will have their own décor, and even if it is very minimal, you will still need to work around it to a certain extent. However, when you set up a marquee, you can literally do whatever you like, and you are not limited to a particular colour palette. Draping, fairy lights, hanging foliage, fun colourful bunting… if you can imagine it, you can achieve it when you decorate your tent.

For more information on the cost of marquee hire for your next event in Johannesburg, email or phone us today.