Do you have your heart set on an outdoor function? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate launch, a garden party or a birthday bash, celebrating outdoors creates a wonderful atmosphere for you and your guests. However, when you host an event outdoors, providing shelter is a must. If a traditional marquee isn’t your thing, consider stretch tent hire for your event in Johannesburg. Not only are they an elegant solution, but they also offer excellent cover.

The design of a stretch tent is actually inspired by ancient tent structures (which is why these tents are also known as Bedouin tents). The free-form design is timeless, and it is combined with modern technology in the form of specialised stretch fabric. The structure of a stretch tent is extremely flexible, comprising fabric that is stretched across poles to create shaded areas. Unlike traditional peg and pole marquees, stretch tents can be configured in a variety of ways to suit the specifics of a venue.

Here are just a few other advantages of hiring a stretch tent for your Johannesburg event:

Waterproof and UV-resistant

At TentWorx, we can assure our customers that when they hire our stretch tents, they will receive absolute protection from the elements. Our fabric utilises the latest Free-Form Flex® technology that is 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and fireproof.

Endless Design Possibilities

Because a Bedouin tent does not have a rigid structure, it can be assembled into a shape that fits the venue. This flexibility allows you to tailor make the shape of your tent to suit a location, where erecting a traditional tent would not be possible.

Elegance Personified

The structure of a stretch tent is very simple and unobtrusive. This makes them ideal for corporate functions, or weddings, where elegance and beautiful simplicity are required.

Event Décor is Showcased

As stated above, stretch tents are simple and unobtrusive in design. This allows your décor to take precedence, so you don’t have to be concerned about colours clashing or the tent structure detracting from your decorations in any way.

Colour Me Beautiful

Many people opt to hire Bedouin tents in white as this is the most décor friendly colour. Stretch tents are, however, available in a variety of other plain colours, from neutral beige to brighter primaries. You can choose your tent’s colour to suit your specific function requirements.

Suitable for Any Terrain 

While a peg-and-pole tent requires absolutely level ground, there is more flexibility when setting up a stretch tent. The free-form structure is more forgiving on sloping or uneven ground, so you have more diverse options when it comes to choosing a location for your event.

Add Extra Space to Fixed Structures

Do you have an indoor venue, but need to add just a little extra cover? The beauty of stretch tents is that they can be attached to fixed structures to extend a venue and create additional space.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

A stretch tent can be assembled to be completely open on all sides, so that your guests can appreciate the beauty of their natural surrounds – whether it’s a beach, a lush sun-filled garden, or the sunset over the veld!

Indoors or Outdoors

Although most people opt for stretch tent hire to provide shelter at outdoor functions, did you know that stretch tents can be assembled indoors too? It’s a great way to create ambient alcoves inside a venue, and is ideal for product launches and exhibitions.

For more information on the cost of stretch tent hire for your next event in Johannesburg, email or phone us today.