Do you have an upcoming event and cannot find the ideal venue? All you really need to do is find a place with a view! With tent hire, you can host your event almost anywhere and still make it an event that will be hard for you and others to forget. Tent hire for special events offers a sort of freedom that a traditional venue in a building cannot. You can set up your tent in a beautiful area and have the gorgeous night sky as the perfect, elegant backdrop. If you are hosting a day event, you can treat your guests to an outdoor venue while still offering shade and comfort from the elements, if required.

The thing about tents is that they provide you with a blank canvas to work with. Of course, a large part of an event’s success will depend on how you set it up, the décor used, and what sort of catering and comforts you can provide to your guests. For instance, for an event to be successful, you do cannot afford to have insufficient seating, or run out of food halfway through.

At TentWorx, we have assisted hundreds of people with their event hire and set-up needs. We offer three types of tents for customers to choose from. The first is the traditional peg-and-pole marquee which, as the name suggests, must be secured by means of supporting poles, ropes, and ratchets. These tents are available in various sizes and can cater to anything from 20 to 2500 guests. It is best to know how many guests you would like to cater to before you decide on what size tent to hire.

Our frame marquees are also a popular choice. They are different from peg-and-pole tents in that they are not supported or secured by poles and ropes, but rather by their sturdy frame. However, these tents still have to be secured to the ground. Frame marquees can have their sides in place or certain side sections can be removed to create a more open and airy space. In this way, they are perfect for those events where you want to create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere. They are also the perfect type of tent to adorn with drapery, fairy lights, and other décor items.

Our stretch tents, also known as Bedouin tents, are designed to create an ultra-modern appeal. They are best suited to outdoor events and are a very popular option for beach occasions. An attractive feature of these stretch tents is that they can be stretched into a variety of configurations and provide sufficient cover and protection from the elements. For an evening event, you can light up the tent with coloured spot lighting to create a more magical and interesting appeal.

Special occasions can be made more magical and memorable with the right tent and the right set-up and décor team on your side. At TentWorx, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a full service to our clients. This means that we offer tent hire, function hire, and décor hire as well. We can also handle all your catering for you so that your guests have the pleasure of enjoying sumptuous delights.

If you would like to chat to a friendly and knowledgeable consult about hiring a tent for your upcoming special occasion, waste no more time. Book in advance to avoid disappointment and be sure to communicate your needs and requirements clearly to our agents, who will ensure that you are presented with viable options and solutions. Need more info and advice? Contact us via email or telephone today.