You have decided to tie the knot, but before the honeymoon can be planned, there is a wedding ceremony to consider. Wedding tent hire has become exceptionally popular over the last few years in South Africa, especially because so many people now marry at lodges or on game farms.

A tent offers a beautiful setting and can be transformed into a romantic space through lights, drapes and stylish décor.

Wedding tent hire is suitable if you plan a ceremony at:

  • Home
  • Lodge
  • Park
  • Game farm
  • Beach
  • Resort

Type of Tent

Once you have selected the tent hire service provider based on availability of tents, affordability, equipment available, area of service and your budget, you are ready to consider finer details, such as the type of tent.

The marquee tent takes more time to erect, but is well-suited for larger weddings with 100 or more guests. The frame tent can be erected indoors or outdoors on just about any type of surface, is lighter and erects faster, but is not suited for extra-large weddings. The Bedouin style is well-suited for summer or spring weddings, but is slightly more expensive to rent. Our consultants will be able to assist in the selection of an appropriate tent according to your location, event size, number of guests, the season and budget requirements.

The size is determined by the layout of the tables, the catering requirements for a sit-down dinner, cocktails, buffet or combination, and the number of guests that will attend, whether there will be dancing, the size of the registration tables and the cake table, as well as the groom and bride’s table.

Other Important Considerations

The flooring may not seem important, but if you want people to dance, then a grass surface will certainly not be appropriate. For such, you will need a dance floor. Event flooring adds beauty, in addition to practicality. With such, you are able to transform a normal tent space into a world-class wedding venue.

Décor is just as important, since the tent is an empty canvas. You don’t have to add décor, but fabric drapes are perfect for adding a feeling of luxury. Lighting can also be used to create a romantic ambience, especially if the wedding is planned as an evening event.

Heating, air conditioning and fans should be catered for, in addition to table seating, cutlery, tableware and audio equipment. In addition to our comprehensive wedding tent hire options, we are also able to address the above and many more requirements to help you host an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception.