Host a Truly Unique Year-end Function this Year. Rent a Tent from TentWorx 

It is that time of year again; it is the time when you have to start thinking about your year-end function and decide on whether to rent a tent for the occasion or hire a facility to cater to your function needs. It might feel like the world is your oyster and you have unlimited options available to you right now, until you start to realise how many function venues are booked out in advance! However, do not despair. Nature offers you all manner of options when it comes to outdoor function spaces and by renting a tent you can offer your guests the opportunity to enjoy an event with a difference; an event that is hosted and set up in your own unique way.

Being able to host an event outdoors may be a godsend, especially in view of all the venues that are being booked out so far in advance. But this is not the only reason why so many people opt to hire a tent. One of the additional reasons is that it can substantially reduce the overall expense of the event. In fact, the money saved can be used to do invest in your business in the new year to follow. Hiring a tent presents a variety of perks bound to spark your interest. Firstly, tents are mobile, which means that you can handpick the location of your event. You can also hire a tent large enough to accommodate all of your guests instead of having to shop around specifically for venues with sufficient space.

With tent rentals, your event will enjoy the convenience and magical appeal of both an indoor and outdoor location, especially if your function is held at night. You can opt to host your dining under cover and install a dancefloor under the stars, or vice versa. The fact of the matter is that with a tent, you are not limited in terms of options when it comes to set-up, décor and layout. The choice really is yours.

Why not just host your event in the great outdoors? Well, first of all, the weather is always unpredictable and if you are caught in a sudden downpour or experience an especially windy night, your evening could turn out a complete disaster. The tent can also provide a certain element of warmth for guests and can be used as the perfect opportunity to really make an impression with creative interior decoration.

Another great perk is the set-up and clean-up. We offer a fine selection of tents for you to choose from, but that is not all. We can also provide you with access to affordable tables, chairs, serving counters, cutlery, crockery, glassware and even a full catering service. And we do not just provide these items; we set them up before the event and show up to break it all down afterwards, and tend to the cleaning. This means that the event is completely hassle-free for you. Our team will handle the hard work. Your job is to relax and enjoy the celebrations and festivities. It is also very important that your tent hire company can provide you with a safety certificate for the tent’s erection as well as potential fire protection options. We will make sure that you have everything you need to protect yourself, your guests and your business.

Make your outdoor party this coming festive season truly one of a kind. Find the right rent-a-tent option for you and make sure that you make your booking early to avoid disappointment. For more information and advice as well as prices and bookings, contact us at TentWorx via email or telephone today.