Planning and hosting a function comes with its set of challenges and hurdles. While you have a budget in place, you still want the very best that your money can afford – and when it comes to factors such as tent rental, you can really start to feel the pressure. Choosing the right tent for the occasion is essential as it can really make or break the appeal that you are looking to create. At Tentworx, we believe that variety is the spice of life and that is why we present the market with a number of options to consider – the choice is ultimately yours, but you can expect our friendly and reliable consultants to assist you every step of the way.

There are 3 main types of units that you can choose from and within these 3 categories you will find a multitude of size, colour and shape options to consider too. Keep in mind how many guests will be attending your function and if you would like them seated at tables or not. This will affect the size of tent that you hire. At Tentworx, we offer you the following options:

  • Stretch Tents / Bedouin Tents – these are the ultimate option for a trendy and stylish appeal. If you are hosting a modern wedding or cocktail party and want to give it that stylish edge, then these tents are the choice for you. What makes these units so special? Their covers can be set up in various stylish ways. The material they are made from is UV resistant, fireproof and waterproof!
  • Peg and Pole Tents – these are a more traditional option and remain quite cost-effective, especially if you are hosting a large function. Durable canvas or PVC is used to manufacture these units, which are best rigged on soft surfaces such as soil and grass. At Tentworx, we offer small to extra large sizes that can cater to a maximum of 2 500 guests.
  • Frame Tents – these units have a sturdy aluminium frame and present a sophisticated look and feel. Durable white canvas is usually the material used to manufacture these units, which are quite a popular option for weddings and corporate events. When rigged, they are neat and easy to decorate. The rigging process is also fairly simple, with minimal damage to the ground it is being rigged on. Due to no pegs or poles being used, you can rig this type of tent on hard or soft surfaces.

If you are looking for cost-effective rental options, make contact with us at Tentworx. We will ensure that you are offered the best tents and rates available on the market.