The one thing guests always talk about after an event is the food. If you fail in this department, even the best music or speaker will not be able to make up for it.

Apart from a range of tent hire services, we also provide catering services through our sister company, Dine by Design Catering. You benefit from having top caterers help you plan the menu and with a superior range of food, you will most certainly impress your guests, whether they are wedding, corporate, birthday party or VIP guests.

We offer you a stunning range of beautifully designed menus and as part of our catering services, we ensure that the plating is just as impressive as the aromas and tastes. Our experts can provide recommendations regarding the best dishes for the particular event with consideration for the type of event, number of guests, your budget, the season, whether it is a formal, semi-formal or casual event and the age group, cultural and religious preferences, as well whether it is a day or night time event.

The caterers have years of experience in planning menus to meet the requirements of clients, and your guests will thus not be disappointed. Whether you are hosting a champagne breakfast, corporate brunch or a formal cuisine dinner at night, you will love the selection available. That being said, the caterers will customise the menus and selections to suit your particular preferences.

With equally impressive hospitality services, you can expect the products, foods and décor to be just as you’ve ordered and wanted.

Our menus include, but are certainly not limited to a selection of:

  • Potjiekos
  • Spitbraai
  • Breakfast
  • Cocktail
  • Buffet
  • Something exquisite

Our catering services are adapted to the particular event. Wedding catering, for instance, requires particular attention to detail. The Dine by Design Catering team, under a well-known chef, will bring a world of the finest foods to the table. The team is passionate about freshness, originality and the best possible quality. Whether you want buffet style foods, cocktail foods or a gourmet menu for the event, you will be delighted in the selection available. From spicy to sweet, and everything in between, are on offer.

The Dine by Design Catering team has catered to wedding receptions of all sizes and has included everything from appetisers to sweets, in order to ensure memorable culinary experiences. The team provides planning and preparation services, the preparation of the food, plating and presentation, as well as servicing to ensure that you can focus on the bride and groom, rather than having to be concerned about catering requirements. Think of the sample menus as the start of the journey and create the masterpiece that you deserve for your special event.

When thinking of corporate catering, people often become bored with the menus that they’ve grown accustomed to. Fortunately, with the Dine by Design Catering team, there is always something original and most certainly nothing that will encourage any boredom. Taste buds should be treated with respect and since every dining experience starts with the visual appeal and the aromas emanating from the plates, you’ll want everything from the plating to the tastes to be just perfect. And once again, our sister company Dine by Design Catering will not disappoint.

The team is furthermore accustomed to tight deadlines, large crowds to serve and last minute additions of special dietary requirements.

With Dine by Design Catering providing the catering services and décor, and TentWorx the tents and function equipment, your event is in experienced hands. You don’t even need to be concerned about the most appropriate tent or tent size to hire. We’ll help you determine which tent will be the best, what table arrangement works well for the particular event and menu options that should inspire.

Contact us for a quote on our tent hire and event catering services.