Find the Right Tent to Hire for Your Johannesburg Event at TentWorx 

When it comes to finding a tent for hire, Johannesburg certainly does not lack in terms of options. If you are able to plan ahead and book your tent or marquee in advance, you shouldn’t run into any problems when planning your function. Finding an affordable company where you can hire high-quality tents can be slightly more challenging than simply finding a supplier. If you have been struggling to find a supplier with good products and decent prices to match, you probably haven’t encountered our range yet!

At TentWorx, we offer a comprehensive planning solution for functions. In addition to our tent hire packages, we also offer catering and decorating services. When you find the tent you want to hire at TentWorx in Johannesburg, you won’t need to look for any other service providers to get your function planned and set up properly. We can do it all for you.

If you aren’t sure if hiring a tent is the right option for you, consider this:

  • It is more affordable to hire a tent than a venue.
  • You won’t have to adhere to any venue cut-off times.
  • The tent can be decorated according to the style and theme of your choice. Sometimes the design and structure of a venue can be limiting when it comes to décor.
  • The tent will be delivered, rigged, and set up for you. After the function, we will also clear, dismantle, and remove it for you, which will save you a lot of effort.
  • You can host your function outdoors without having to worry about the weather.

When looking for a tent to hire in Johannesburg, you will find that there are various options for you to choose from. You will need to spend some time thinking about which tent suits your needs the best. Not all tents work well for every situation. For instance, a peg and pole marquee is a great option if you are rigging it on a field or a lawn. These tents have stakes that must be hammered into the soil to set it up. If the ground is too hard, this will not be possible. Frame marquees are more versatile as they can be rigged on hard or semi-soft surfaces. There are no pegs, poles, or stakes involved in the rigging process. For those who want more versatility, a bedouin stretch tent is a great option as the design and setup options are endless. These tents can be used as the focal point of the event and are easily brought to life at night with coloured spot lights or fairy lights. A great thing about these tents is that they can be rigged almost anywhere, especially in awkwardly shaped or small areas.

At TentWorx, we focus our attention on ensuring that our customers are getting value for their money when they hire a tent from us. Each tent is cleaned and checked for potential damage on a regular basis. We aim to keep our rates competitive and offer additional services so that our clients can get almost everything they need under one roof. These additional services include:

  • Function hire: We have tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, and various other items available for hire.
  • Draping: Our draping specialists can drape and decorate your marquee according to your theme and preferences.
  • Catering: Our in-house catering company can whip up delicious meals and treats for you and your guests. We have a variety of menu options for you to choose from.

Hire a tent at a competitive rate for your Johannesburg function from TentWorx. Give us a call, send us an email, or pay us a visit today.