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When shopping for a tent that you can hire, one of the biggest deciding factors is the price. Tent and marquee hire for functions has become quite popular over the past few years and with the increase in suppliers, the market has become somewhat competitive. For the function planner, this means more variety and better prices to choose from. Hiring a tent is not always cheap and it’s important to note that not all tent hire companies have quality products on offer. As leading suppliers in the industry, we advise all clients to take a closer look at what is on offer and to research the various suppliers’ track records before making a final decision or paying any money.

At TentWorx, we are fortunate enough to have built up a fantastic reputation for having the best prices and offering high-quality products. When it comes to finding a tent for hire, prices at TentWorx are extremely competitive. We are passionate about our business, our people, and our reputation, which means that you can expect exceptional quality from us at all times. In fact, our aim is to exceed your expectations each and every time you hire a tent from us. We have various types of tents for hire and the prices will depend on the following factors:

  • The type of tent required
  • The location where the tent will need to be delivered and collected from
  • The size of the tent

We have the following type of tents available for hire:

The Stretch Tent 

If you are shopping around for a stretch tent to hire, you will find that prices can fluctuate greatly from supplier to supplier. This is often determined by the quality of the tent which usually comes down to the fabric. A stretch tent is undoubtedly one of the more popular tents to hire as it provides endless design possibilities. They tend to look more elegant and eye-catching, and are extremely easy to decorate. At TentWorx, we stock only the best quality Bedouin stretch tents made from 100% waterproof, fireproof, and UV resistant fabric, which uses the latest Free-Form Flex technology.

The Marquee Tent 

A traditional marquee tent you can hire is a peg and pole tent. These are manufactured with high-quality canvas or PVC material. The tent is held in place with poles, ropes, and straps that are attached to ground stakes. These tents are slightly more limiting as they can only be rigged on a softer surface, such as a lawn or field. This is to ensure that the securing stakes can be hammered into the ground. One of the greatest advantages of hiring one of these tents is that they can usually accommodate very large groups, depending on the chosen seating arrangements.

The Aluminium Frame Tent 

An aluminium frame tent for hire may have a slightly higher price attached than a peg and pole tent, but these tents are extremely popular in the corporate market and for weddings. They provide a sophisticated appeal and there are no pegs, poles, or straps to deal with. At TentWorx, our frame tents are bright white, clean, and waterproof. Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate gathering, or birthday celebration, our frame tents help create the perfect venue.

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At TentWorx, we make it easy for you to find a tent for hire that is well priced and in an excellent condition. We will deliver the tent to your venue and ensure that it is rigged safely and securely. We will also dismantle and remove the tent after the function is over. For more information on the tents that we have for hire or for a quotation, contact us via email or telephone today.