A marquee, frame or Bedouin tent provides for an elegant wedding setting. Regardless of whether your dream reception entails a garden event, a modern setting in the park or a bushveld reception with the wild animals roaming around the lodge, you will add flair, protection against weather elements and the space for a memorable event when making use of our tent hire services.

We know how confusing, frustrating and simply overwhelming wedding planning can be, and have made it easier to plan your tent hire and function catering needs through a brief checklist below to help you remember important aspects for the function.

Planning for the Unforeseen

It is always a good idea to have backup plans for every aspect of the planning. Although we provide the requested tent type and size according to your function style and the surface where it will be erected according to the number of guests, you may also want to consider additional tent hire from us for extra areas, such as for the band, area where the wedding gifts can be stored or a frame tent for a private area where the bride can change into something more comfortable.

Also consider heating and cooling requirements. Our tents have sides that can roll up and close completely. This makes it possible to protect against weather elements. However, also consider extra fans if the wedding is in the summer or in a warm area, while a portable heater or two will help if the wedding is hosted during the winter.

Culinary Requirements

Deciding on the culinary menu is perhaps one of the most important decisions for the event. Decide whether you will have an additional bar, whether it will be an open or paid bar, do you require appetisers, want a buffet, cocktail style event or full sit-down banquet? We can work with you in creating the menu and choosing a culinary function style that will suit your particular reception. With full professional wedding catering services available, we are able to meet all of your function requirements.

Dance Floor and Stage

Do you plan on having a live band or a DJ at your wedding? If so, you will need a stage or a DJ box. In addition, you will want to have an allocated dance floor. We can assist with DJ booths, event floors to create dazzling spaces and dance floors as part of our tent hire services. Note that should you have musicians or performers at the reception, you will need to provide them space where they can prepare. For this, we recommend a small additional tent. Ask the performers regarding equipment and space needs, as this will help you determine the size of tent and how many tents, the layout and additional equipment required.


Don’t forget about the very important aspect of toilet and basin supply. Your guests will need such places and you can hire everything from very basic toilets to plush restrooms. Note that the restrooms will most probably also be used to touch up on make-up. It is thus better to provide quality restroom facilities. Choosing these facilities early on will help you with the layout of the reception area.


Even if the reception is hosted in the middle of the bush, you will still need power for the lights, the speaker, musicians, music, fans, food and more. It is essential to determine the power needs and for such, we recommend speaking to our consultants. Of course, you may need to hire a generator if there isn’t an electricity source at the venue.

Décor and the Final Touches

We offer you draping specialists and expert guidance on décor for the tent. Using a combination of lights and drapes, we are able to transform the tent into a spectacular venue. Discuss your décor, furnishing and seating requirements with us, since we also supply tableware, tables, chairs, lights, cutlery, glasses and everything needed for a stunning event.

Parking Space

Consider the number of guests invited and plan for two persons per vehicle. You can thus divide the total number of adults to attend by two to arrive at the number of parking spaces that you will need. If the event is hosted in or near an urban area, you will need to arrange for car guards or vehicle access control to safeguard the vehicles.

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