TentWorx offers you professional tent hire services in Gauteng, Limpopo, parts of the Free State and Mpumalanga.  Our tent hire service includes:

  • Marquees tents
  • Bedouin tents
  • Frame tents

Our service delivery extends to a range of about 500 km from Johannesburg and we also offer our services in Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape through long-standing associate partnerships with other suppliers.

Marquee Tents

The peg and pole type marquee tent has a canvas which is kept in place through centre and side poles and ratchet straps. We attach the straps and poles to the ground by means of stakes. If your main concern is aesthetic appeal we recommend the white cotton handmade canvas with the traditional poles. However, if you want a more versatile and practical option, we highly recommend the aluminium type of frame. The PVC pole marquee has the advantage of being easy to clean and of course, the canvas has a longer lifespan.

We offer you from marquee tents which seat up to 2500 guests in cinema style to small 25 square metre tents and can thus cater to any size function requirement. The standard tent sizes are 25 square metres while the larger sizes are 15 metres by 95 metres. Our expertise in tent hire is also beneficial as we can assist you in selecting a tent for your particular function and the number of guests you want to seat.

Bedouin Tents

Known also as stretch tents, the Bedouin tents are exceptionally popular because of their unique structure and aesthetic appeal. Using advanced Free-Form Flex® technology we can ensure that the stretched fabric looks stunning while also keeping its shape throughout the entire event period. Being fully waterproof in addition to being fire proof, as well as UV resistant the tents are exceptionally safe and can be used in extreme warm areas or in rainy conditions with the same ease.

The tents can be attached to fixed structures and with almost endless design possibilities the tents are certainly the most flexible option when it comes to outdoor events.

Frame Tents

The aluminium frame tents are well-suited for corporate functions, product launches, birthday parties, seminars and weddings. The sophisticated appearance of the tents with their white canvasses can be complemented through our draping products and stretch panels allowing for the application of a wide range of lighting options. The tents can be used even in rainy conditions as they are waterproof. This of course means that should it start to rain during your function that your guests will be protected against weather elements.

With clear span frame design, there is no need to use the traditional peg and pole method for additional strength and stability. With no pegs and poles, the tents have a sleek look and feel while you also benefit from more interior space and no obstacles which can hinder direct sight of the stage or podium.

Whether you want to host a 21st birthday party, product launch or wedding, our team of professional draping specialists will help you transform the tent into a wonder world.

Contact us to request a quote or to receive more information about our tent hire services.