Hosting a function outdoors can be fun, but you need to take into account the potential for bad weather and exposure of your guests, décor and food to the elements. Providing a protective cover is a great way to host your function outside, without having to deal with potentially bad situations due to heat, rain, wind and similar. Tent rental is the perfect way to provide shelter for your event and when hiring the right tent for the job, you can create an aesthetically pleasing venue where your guests will feel comfortable and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

At Tentworx, we understand that you are probably working according to a budget, but also do not want to compromise on the elegance of your event. Hiring an affordable tent does not mean that you have to present a poor quality venue to your guests. We provide well-priced tents to the market for rental and we ensure that each and every unit is spotlessly clean and in excellent condition before it is delivered to you. What’s more, we can assist you with draping and decorating the tent too. Whether you want fairy lights of something bolder, we will ensure that you are absolutely happy with the end result.

Part of the tent hire process is choosing the right one for your event. You will need to consider how many guests you are catering for and what sort of seating plan you intend to make use of. The tables and chairs that you use will take up space and so this must be considered before you choose the tent size. Keep in mind that you may need a dance floor or food serving area.

The following tents are available at Tentworx for your consideration:

  • Peg and Pole Marquee Tents are made from PVC or canvas and are durable. They cannot be rigged on hard surfaces, so are ideal if you are looking to rig the unit on grass for instance. We have a wide range of sizes for you to choose from.
  • Aluminium Frame Tents are durable and waterproof. There are no pegs and poles to cater to so there is more space inside and fewer tripping hazards outside.
  • Bedouin Tents are also called stretch tents and can be rigged in a variety of unusual and eye-catching designs. These can be rigged on a variety of surfaces and have an ultra-modern appeal.

If you are looking for a company that can offer you affordable and reliable tent rental services, contact us at Tentworx without delay!