We offer table and chair hire options, in addition to our large range of tents and catering services. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions below to help you gain a basic understanding about options, the best way to determine seating, and how to select the equipment according to your requirements.

Is there a difference between the frame tent and the pole tent?

The frame tent does not have a pole in the middle, while the pole tent has one or more centre poles with ropes and peg stakes to provide extra support.

Should I select a frame or a pole tent?

The frame tent can be placed on fairly uneven surfaces and requires less space. Since it does not have centre poles, it is well-suited for functions where such poles will make it difficult to see the central podium or to dance. The pole tent is extra sturdy and if you want a classical look and feel it will be the obvious choice.

What is the difference when it comes to installation of the frame and the pole tent types?

The main difference between the two tent types lies mainly with the installation process. Pole tents take more time to setup and are heavier. However, the canvas or pole tents can cover larger areas because of additional support. The pole tents must be erected on grass or a suitable surface where the pegs can be driven into the soil.

Frame tents are installed through an interlock system where joints and bars are connected to create the overall structure for supporting the canvas top. The canvas is attached to the frame to provide a pole and rope free environment. The tents can be installed on various types of surfaces including decks and are smaller in size.

Apart from having to calculate the number of tables and chairs to hire, how do I go about in determining the right tent size for the occasion?

Our coordinator will work with you to determine the correct tent size according to the function, number of guests, table and chair hire requirements, as well as available space. When it comes to guest numbers, work out the space according to the tables you plan to use. With the standard round tables you will need to allow for about 9 to 10 square metres for every eight guests. You need to leave 9 square metres for the head table and the same for every buffet table that will be used. For this you will need to speak to the caterers to determine how many tables they will use.

If you hire tents, tables and chairs from us, you have the added benefit of catering experience and services, making it easier to quickly determine tables needed for catering. If you want to save space you can have the buffet tables removed once the people have eaten.

Contact us for more information about the available table, tent and chair hire options. Our consultants have years of experience in calculating tent sizes, table requirements and seating layouts.