The Best & Most Affordable Stretch Tent Hire Prices in South Africa

The Best & Most Affordable Stretch Tent Hire Prices in South Africa

Got a huge event coming up? Searching far and wide for the best and most affordable stretch tent hire prices in South Africa? Well, you’ve found them here at TentWorx.

Whether you’re hosting a private beach party, a corporate event on your business premises, a music festival in the countryside, a wedding on your property, a festival in a magical forest, a birthday celebration on the banks of a river, or an anniversary on a fancy wine estate – you’re going to need to protect your guests from the elements, which is where stretch tent hire from TentWorx comes to the rescue.

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The Future is Freeform Sculpted Stretch Tents

Anyone who has previously put together an event understands the importance of the right tent. Not only does it have a huge impact on your budget, but it’s a decision that can easily make or break your entire event. Yes, not all tents are of equal quality, and proof of this can be found with stretch tents. A South African invention that originated from the outdoor trance dance scene in the 90s, also known as Bedouin tents and freeform tents, stretch tents are an inspired tent style that are able to transform the dullest of venues into magical spaces that will allow for breathtaking backdrops.

An extremely stylish and cost-effective alternative to the traditional peg and pole marquee, stretch tents are the latest and greatest in terms of flex tent technology and are widely used for large events such as weddings, corporate parties, product launches and special private parties. Engineered to perfection, flexible and quick to assemble, this is a tent style that will allow you to set up an event on almost any terrain. Found in a variety of freeform organic, curvaceous sculpted shapes, sizes and colours that come either fully open or partially closed – stretch tents can also be attached to other tents or fixed structures to create extra space if required.

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Made from some of the most advanced flex fabrics in the world, these freeform sculpted stretch tents are not only 100% waterproof, but they are also UV resistant and fire retardant. Stretch tents are not cheap to buy outright, which is why if you’re not going to be throwing parties, conferences and festivals on a regular basis, then stretch tent hire is going to be a far better option for you.

As the leading tent hire company in South Africa with the best and most affordable tent hire prices, our professional team is renowned for going the extra mile. In fact, we can help you put your entire event together – from the catering, waiters, barmen, décor, music, stage, equipment, tables, chairs, flooring, cutlery and crockery, to the glasses and linen. Yes, we can do it all. To find out about our stretch tent hire prices or to enquire about our entire event package – contact us for a quote.

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