The day you have been dreaming about since you were little has finally arrived. You are getting married soon. While you have probably been dreaming about this day since forever, you cannot help but feel overwhelmed about the venue. For anyone soon to be married, choosing a venue is definitely one of the most exciting, yet daunting aspects of planning a wedding. This is your once-in-a-lifetime event and you want everything to be perfect.

From country clubs, gourmet cafés, halls, and restaurants to parks, you could choose just about any venue under the sun. But if you are reading this article then you have already decided that you would probably like to hire a tent, which is an excellent choice. But choosing the right tent is never easy. Not only must your tent inspire your guests, it must also make the entire event an unforgettable one. While you certainly cannot choose the weather on your big day, you can pick your tent. Here are two tips to successful tent hire:

#1 Know Your Budget and Number of Guests

Are you thinking of having an intimate wedding with a few close friends and some family members or will it be on a grand scale, seating large numbers? First and foremost, decide on the type of wedding you want, the number of guests, and then set a budget. Depending on the size and tent type, tent hire is very affordable. So what can you expect to pay? That all depends on the tent style and size, colour and capacity. When you compare tent hire over purchasing or even renting a hall, country club, beach venue or restaurant, tent hire wins hands down. Amongst tent hire companies, the cheapest tents for hire are peg-and-pole marquees. 

#2 Select from Marquee, Bedouin and Frame Tents

Firstly, where is your location and what are you looking for in a tent style? As we see it, you have three options: aluminium frame tents, marquee tents and Bedouin tents. Keeping in mind that some tents work better on hard surfaces while others work better on softer surfaces, each tent type flaunts different qualities. A whole lot cheaper than frame or Bedouin tents, marquee tents cannot be set up on hard surfaces such as concrete and are best suited to grass and sand. Although they have centre pole obstructions and will require a clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes, these tents never fail to deliver, offering a sense of security, cosiness and privacy.

While marquee tents may be a lot cheaper than Bedouin tents, Bedouin tents can transform the dullest of locations into magical spaces that command attention. A South African invention that originated from the outdoor trance dance scene in the early ‘90s, Bedouin tents are ideal for any venue where the ground is soft enough to be rigged and can create the most incredible range of organic, curvaceous sculpted shapes that are simply breathtaking. A durable and waterproof winner, not only can they be left open or partially closed, but they can also be attached to other tents or fixed structures to create extra space if required.

Where marquee and Bedouin tents fail to work well on hard concrete surfaces, A-shape aluminium tents save the day. Distinguished for its ‘A’-shape design and its clearspan aluminium frame design, frame tents are ideal for hard surfaces and tight spaces. A little more expensive than marquees, they can be joined with other structures which mean you have more options when it comes to shape and configuration.

If this is your first time looking at tent hire options then it is always best to consult with the tent hire experts before making such a big decision. For the biggest, best, and most affordable selection of tent hire options, chat to TentWorx.