Are you a corporation in Gauteng looking for a function venue for your year-end Christmas party? Yes, it is that time of the year again when businesses throughout South Africa are rushing off to book their year-end function venues and if you have not yet booked yours then you need to get to it right away.

The Importance of a Year-End Christmas Function

A long tradition that goes back decades, many successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of a year-end Christmas party. Today, business is tough and if you want your business to survive in an already overcrowded market then you need more than just an excellent products or services; you need to turn your attention to your employees. Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that behind every successful business you will always find employees that love what they do and know how to work together as a team.

This does not happen spontaneously; businesses need to show their employees just how much they are appreciated and one sure way of doing this is to end off their year with an awesome year-end Christmas bash. Yes, the importance of a year-end function cannot be underestimated, and while you could easily hire out a restaurant or country lodge, you could collaborate with an events company at the forefront of stylish and affordable tent hire – TentWorx.

Make your Year-End Function Something to Remember this Year

Remembered for unforgettable outdoor experiences in different outdoor locations and settings, our tents are a popular option for year-end functions. Whether you are hosting a private or corporate event on the beach, on your business property, in the countryside, on the banks of a river, or on a fancy wine estate – our tent hire allows you to create a tailored venue at the location of your choice.

Using creative rigging techniques, we can transform any venue into a glamorous and elegant affair. From small and intimate to all encompassing – we have tents from 25 m2 in surface area to tents that can easily cater for 2500 guests. However, not all tents are created equal and while you certainly cannot pick your weather you can pick the right tent. Here are our top three tents perfect for any type of outdoor year-end function.

#1 The Freeform Bedouin – a South African invention, Bedouin tents can transform the dullest of locations into extraordinary spaces. A durable and waterproof winner used by those who demand a backdrop, Bedouin tents can create the most incredible range of organic, curvaceous sculpted shapes. Not only can these tents be left open or partially closed, but they can be attached to other tents or fixed structures to create extra space if required. 

#2 The ‘A’-shape Frame – recognised by their ‘A’-shape design, frame tents are easily erected on any surface and have no pegs on the outside and no poles on the inside. A little pricier than peg-and-pole tents, one of the greatest benefits of this type of tent is that they can be attached to each other, which means you have more options when it comes to shapes and configurations. 

#3 The Traditional Marquee – a cost-effective tent relied upon for many years, traditional marquee tents boast a swooping roof with poles that hold the tent in the required shape. Widely used for outdoor weddings and private functions, these tents bring a sense of security and comfort to those who use it.

It does not matter if you are looking to host an intimate year-end function or a traditional, large-scale gala; our curvaceous Bedouin freeform stretch tents with organic sculpted shapes, our peg-and-pole marquees and our ‘A’-shape frame tent hire options for year-end function will offer the ideal solution. Make your year-end function unforgettable with the tents for hire at TentWorx.