If you have ever seen a stretch tent set up, well-lit and decorated for an outside occasion, you are sure to have fallen instantly in love with it. A stretch tent can look charming, romantic, and ultra-modern, all at the same time. It is the perfect combination of appealing features and can transform a good-looking outside space into something exceptional, worth taking note of. Gone are the days of expensive buildings being the ultimate venue for a function or celebration. Now, with large stretch tents available for hire across the country, people can have the type of event or function they want, where they want it, and a lower price than hiring an actual building.

TentWorx receives many calls requesting stretch tents for all types of parties including 21st birthdays, Christmas parties, year-end parties, weddings, anniversaries, cocktail parties… you name it, the stretch tent is probably perfect for it! One of the great things about a stretch tent (also called a Bedouin tent), is that you can choose to set it up in a variety of ways. Because it is so highly versatile, it can be used to create interesting shapes and structures. You can also choose whether you want it to provide just a modern-looking canopy or if you want it to create a fully enclosed space. Of course, size is important, so before you hire a stretch tent, discuss your event with our professionals and remember to cater to additional space for moving around, and providing space for a potential food serving area or dancefloor.

Something people do not often think about when hiring a tent for a function is whether it will be suitable for inclement weather, especially if it turns up unexpectedly. Harsh weather conditions can take you by surprise, but you will find that our stretch tents are manufactured from UV-resistant material and are absolutely waterproof. If it starts to rain during your event, there is no need to worry about drips and leaks working their way through the fabric. Another great factor about the fabric used is that it is fire-retardant. That is a huge relief for the safety-conscious. Do not be concerned that your stretch tent will take off and blow away in a brisk breeze either. We will handle the professional rigging of the tent and make sure that it is firmly secured. It won’t be going anywhere!

There’s more to a stretch tent just being good for a function. They are ideal for festivals, concerts, markets, tradeshows, and similar events. Their substantial surface area and eye-catching design provide for the ultimate advertising canvas as well. If you have a marketing message that you want to get out there and you do not want to be overlooked, a stretch tent is the perfect way to deliver it.

At TentWorx, stretch tents form a large part of our function hire catalogue, but they are not all that we have on offer. We also offer our clients the opportunity to choose from other tent types such as frame tents and marquees. We also hire out tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, linen, lighting, music, and a great deal more. If you need assistance with decorating and catering, we can help you with that too.

If you would like to know that a professional function hire and catering company is on your side, you have come to the right place. We welcome you to contact us regarding our large stretch tents for hire and we are ready and available to start getting your function planned and set-up. For more information and advice on stretch tents or to receive a quotation, simply give us a call or send us an email today.