Gone are the days where hiring a tent meant taking on a standard canvas draped over a central pole and framework. In this day and age, tents are a great deal more and can transform your chosen plot or outside space for your wedding into a venue that will truly impress your guests. Tented venues can provide a great deal more than just the canopy for your event. Professionals in the tent hire industry can create extravagant additional features, such as entrances, walkways, ante rooms and a great deal more.

A tent is a structure that makes it possible to enjoy your wedding absolutely anywhere, and below we have compiled 5 things you didn’t know about tents for your wedding – something to think about:

  • Tents are not just canopies – they offer sides which can protect from the elements present high ceilings which can be quite advantageous.
  • Tents require safety permits, so make sure that this is supplied.
  • Tents allow for an unlimited amount of added on chambers and areas – you can create lounges, areas for portable toilet facilities and a great deal more.
  • Flooring can be organised – if you are worried about the uneven or grassy floor that the tent will be rigged on – don’t be! Subflooring can be layered over the uneven floor and then covered in wall to wall carpeting, parquet or various other forms of coverings.
  • You can disguise the tent with decorations – high ceilings allow for gorgeous draping and swaging of material. You can also hang chandeliers, use wall and window inserts to create a completely different look. Fairy lights, spots lights and coloured lighting can also transform your tent into a stunning area.

When hiring a tent, you will be required to provide a number of details used to calculate the correct size and type of tent for your wedding. For instance, if you need to rig the tent on cement or tar, you will need a frame marquee and not a peg and pole marquee. The number of guests that you expect to attend and how you plan to seat them is also important, as this will affect the space required. Remember to discuss this with the professional consultants who will be able to advice you on space effectively.

At Tentworx, we provide our clients with access to the best range of marquee tents, peg and pole tents and Bedouin tents. In addition to this we can also provide full décor and catering services all inclusive of function hire items and equipment such as chairs, tables, crockery, and cutlery and so on. With our extensive experience in the industry, you can have complete peace of mind that your event is handled with professionalism.

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