Do you have a big bash coming up and you are in two minds over what type of tent hire you should opt for? Whether you are hosting a private beach party, a corporate event, a music festival, a wedding, or an anniversary, birthday or retirement party, there is no doubt that marquees and Bedouin tents make the best venues. But not all tents are created equal and when it comes to the decision of choosing between marquee and Bedouin tent hire, many choose Bedouin tent hire, and this is why:

#1 Creates Exquisite Spaces on Any Terrain

A South African invention that originated from the outdoor trance dance scene in the early ‘90s, the Bedouin tent, also known as the stretch tent or freeform tent, is an inspired tent style that is able to transform the most barren of locations into exquisite spaces. Easily sculpted into a variety of curvaceous freeform shapes, the material used in Bedouin tents are elastic and breathable, which gives a warmer and more earthy vibe than the shiny plastic look of PVC marquee tents. Unlike marquee tents, Bedouin tents do not require a flat surface and can be pitched over any type of uneven terrain. 

#2 Customisable for Every Type of Event

Also known as stretch tents, one of the things people love most about Bedouin tents is that it can complement just about any event. Unlike marquee tents, Bedouin tents are not static and can therefore be modified to create just about any type of shape. Designs are simply endless, which is why they are incredibly popular for anniversaries, beach parties, birthdays, concerts, conventions, corporate events, entrances, expos, fashion shows, festivals, garden parties, outdoor dance festivals, product launches, school events, sports functions and weddings. In addition, not only can these freeform tents be used to create various organic shapes, but they can also be set up to be fully open or partially closed. From organic sculpted shapes to curvaceous forms, Bedouin tents can also be attached to other tents or fixed structures to create extra space if required.

#3 Sound-proof, Waterproof, UV-resistant and Fire-retardant

A tent that creates a naturally inviting ambience, a Bedouin tent is made from some of the most advanced flex fabrics in the world that are 100% waterproof, UV-resistant and fire-retardant. Not only are these tents immune to all the elements, but their fabrics provide unexpected acoustic advantages because they are sound-absorbing, which gives better sound-proofing, outside and inside.

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