Hosting a corporate event that’s fun, memorable and value adding to your corporate culture doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Indeed, the same company where you hire your marquee tent can provide you with a full range of equipment to make the event a success. Knowing that event planning is more than just considering the size of the marquee tent or another venue for that matter, we share a few useful tips to help you with the planning process.

Theme Selection

Don’t feel forced to select a theme for the corporate event. Indeed, in most instances, the answer to whether you should theme or not theme a corporate event lies in the goal of the event. If it is a seminar, workshop, product launch or conference, you certainly don’t want a theme. If it is a year-end function, it is up to you. Rule of thumb – if it is a social event, you can theme, but if not, stay away from the theme idea.

The focus should be on elegance, including stylish drapes, fine linen, clean cutlery, suitable chairs and tables, and appropriate centrepieces.

Equipment Requirements

For most of your corporate events, you will not need extreme audio and lighting. If it is a year-end function where you want a dance floor and live musicians, you will need DJ equipment, a dance floor and speakers. For normal training and annual functions, the standard projector, notebooks, screens, easels and audio equipment will be needed.

If it is a party, you will want to spend more time on décor and ambience, simply because people are visual creatures and remember attention to detail. Unless you are an expert in décor, we recommend making use of our expertise for tables, chairs, décor and lights, along with event flooring and DJ equipment, whether you hire a marquee tent from us or only use our party planning services.

Number of Guests

Of course, you may not know early on how many people will attend, but you should have a broad idea of how many you want to invite. This is important, as it will affect the seating arrangements, the equipment requirements, menu and overall proceedings, in addition to the size of the marquee tent. A rough estimate will do at the start, but try to get guests to RSVP as soon as possible, as this will help in the marquee tent and menu selection processes.