Your wedding is one of the highlights of your life. It thus makes sense to invest considerable time into the planning of the event. With tents becoming exceptionally popular as venues for weddings, you may want to consider making use of tents for hire.

With such, you will have a choice between frame, Bedouin and marquee tents to suit your particular location, number of guests, budget and the season. Speak to the consultants at a tent hire company, such as TentWorx, regarding catering equipment, décor, dance floors, seating plans, tableware and menu options. However, before you get to that, read through the tips below on planning a tented wedding.

Check the Weather Forecasts

Fortunately, the modern tents available are water-proof and your guests won’t get soaking wet during a storm. However, considering that the guests will have to walk from the tent to the restrooms and their cars, make provision for rain or windy conditions by adding a covered pathway to the restrooms and parking areas. Also check the weather forecasts 14 days ahead to ensure that you will have enough umbrellas and covered spaces if the weather forecast indicates rain on the planned day.

Rain isn’t the only concern. If you plan a wedding in the middle of the bushveld or in the lowveld, you will want to book fans for ventilation. Even though the tent may provide enough cover against the sun, it can still become uncomfortable in exceptionally humid conditions. In such instances, the Bedouin style is recommended because of the unique architecture allowing for maximum ventilation.

Consider the Surrounds

Although the tent décor can transform the space into a dream world, the outside scenery should also be considered. Marrying on a farm with a barn in the backdrop can provide you with a distinct country feeling, but if there is unsightly scrap lying around, it will certainly deter from the beautiful setting in the tent. Review the surrounding environment to determine how it will affect the overall ambience of the ceremony.

Warn Guests about Footwear

In most instances, you won’t have to warn the guests about possible mud or grass stains on their shoes, but if your tent is pitched in the middle of the bush or on a red soil surface, you may want to warn guests about the surface and what they should wear. If the ground is very soft, then you will also need to warn the ladies with their high heels or at least roll out the red carpet to the tent to minimise the risk of people getting stuck in the lawn.

For all other information about the tent types for hire, stunning décor, event floors and professional catering, you can rely on our professional range of products and services to make it a memorable day.