Instead of opting for the conventional indoor restaurant or banquet setting, you’ve decided to have one of the more unique outdoor weddings. True, an outdoor setting can be superbly romantic, but there are factors such as sun, wind and rain to consider. Since it is not possible to control the weather outcome, you may want to plan ahead and provide your guests with a safe, wind-free and waterproof setting in the outdoors. For such, we recommend making use of our tent hire services, specifically designed to meet the requirements of outdoor weddings. We’ve also shared a few other tips to ensure that the outdoor wedding will be a resounding success.

Guest Comfort

People won’t stay long and most certainly won’t talk about the event as one of the most memorable outdoor weddings for the right reason if you haven’t thought of their comfort. The tent setting is essential to protect against weather elements, but it doesn’t end there. Provide them with ways to cool down during the hot summer months, including fans to keep the air circulated – fortunately we provide well-ventilated tents and already consider aspects such as warm days and cooling off aspects, even in areas where a generator must be used as a power source. You also want to consider cold or damp weather. Have warm blankets available for their legs, a heater or two, and be sure to hire one of our tents specifically made to protect against wind and cold.

Think Ahead

One should never only have one plan if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding. It is essential to think about the possibility of snow, hail and storms. For such, you will want to ensure that the tent or tents that you hire have side panels that can be rolled down or up. If you select a Bedouin tent, the sides will cover against wind and normal rain conditions. Just to be sure, you might want to consider one of our frame or the marquees tents with side panels that can be completely enclosed. If you rather want the Bedouin tent, then have an extra tent where guests can go, should it start to rain hard, or select a Bedouin style tent that’s slightly larger to ensure that even if it rains, the wind will not blow the mist onto the main reception areas of the tent. Our tents are sturdy and come with the necessary weighted sides to prevent turning over during strong winds.

Cater for Sound Equipment

Audio-visual equipment is important for any type of event, whether it is one of the indoor or outdoor weddings. This is, however, more true when it comes to the outdoor setting. If the wind is blowing strong, your guests may not be able to hear the speaker or the music. As such, it is important to have top-quality sound equipment to ensure that every guest will be able to hear the toasts and DJ.


Remember the tent canvas is blank and you’ll thus want to add lights, tables, linen and the entire relevant décor to make it a beautiful place. We offer you a full range of function hire equipment, including the tables, chairs, fairy lights, drapes, and even dance floors. Our experienced team will help you create the complete setting according to your requirements.

Culinary Needs

Guests travel from far to enjoy the day with you. As such, you’ll want to ensure that their culinary requirements are met. Cater for foods according to your setting, the season and the number of guests by making use of our sister company, Dine by Design. They offer a stunning range of menus and with a proven track record of catering to weddings, they will most certainly ensure that your guests will delight in the range of foods served.

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