Selecting one of the many catering companies that advertise on the internet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Systematically approach the process to ensure that your specific requirements can be met. Follow the tips below for short listing catering companies according to specific factors.

Date Availability

It doesn’t matter how good a catering company is, if they are unavailable on the specific date that you need them or if they cannot provide the services that you want in the area where your event will be hosted. As such, check whether the catering company is available on the specific event date and whether they provide their services in your area.

If they don’t normally offer catering in the region where the event will be hosted, but are willing to do so, enquire about travelling costs to ensure that you don’t under-budget for the event. Many caterers have developed relationships with partner companies to offer catering services in regions where they don’t normally operate. Also be sure to enquire about the level of service that the partner company provides.

Costing and the Budget

Don’t expect an extravagant event if you are not willing to budget accordingly. Quality does have a price tag, but it shouldn’t be ridiculous. Experienced catering companies know how to cost events and their menus to ensure affordability. First, however, you need to set a maximum budget for spending on food, beverages, décor, tents, furniture and flowers. When you compare catering quotes, you should also consider what the quotes exclude and include. Ask whether the quotes include VAT, accessories, cutlery, table and linen hire.

Culinary Requirements

Enquire about the menus and the range of foods available. You will want to ensure that the catering company can meet any special dietary requirements. Most caterers have standard menus. Compare the menus and also enquire about customisation options. Don’t automatically choose the one that quotes the lowest per head, as you may just get sub-standard food. You’ll want a catering company with top chefs and a long track record of excellence in taste.

Taste Before You Commit

Enquire about the possibility of tasting some of the foods that they prepare for their event menus. This will give you an indication of the standard and tastiness of the food. If something doesn’t taste or look too good, ask if it can be replaced or changes made to the dish to ensure that it appeals to the tastes of the majority of people.

Experience Counts

Don’t go with a fly-by-night company with no proven track record if it is a big and important event. You can still work with an inexperienced caterer for a small gathering, but when it comes to weddings, 21st birthdays, corporate events, product launches and engagement parties, you’ll want a company that has the necessary experience. Ask about their past projects to gain insight regarding their experience and the number of guests that they can handle.

Don’t Delay

Don’t wait until a day or a week before your event to contact catering companies. The ones still available might not be as good as you had hoped. Start your search early to ensure that all of your questions can be answered and requirements met. Remember the catering company must also plan ahead to ensure that your event will be a success.

The Answer

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