Been tasked with organising a big corporate outdoor bash in Johannesburg? If you’re planning on having an outdoor corporate event, there are a million and one reasons to hire a tent. From the location, unpredictable weather, cost effectiveness, labour and serving staff, to flexible spacing and the ambience – tents have a way of offering it all. Having come a long way over the past 20 years, today’s tents offer much more than just four legs and a tarp.

Offering limitless possibilities, they come with walls, floors and even doors. While you may have already decided that tent hire is the way to go, the hard part is choosing the right type of tent for your corporate event. If you’re in the dark about what to hire – here are a few tips to get you going on your quest for the right tent.

#1 Determine Your Venue and Budget

When you are considering tent hire, as opposed to purchasing or even renting out a hall, country club, beach venue or restaurant, an outdoor tent wins hands down. Although tent hire varies in price amongst tent hire companies, the cheapest type of tent for hire is the peg and pole marquee. However, what can add up are the tables, chairs, lights, heating, dance floor, cutlery and catering. Fortunately, most companies that offer tent hire also offer draping, décor and catering services.

An enormous job that involves a lot more than just hiring a couple of chairs and tables, when you allow a tent hire company to take care of the catering, bar, décor and service, you won’t need to worry about anything. Your only job as the host will be to show up, smile and have a brilliant time.

#2 Decide What You Want from Your Tent

Once you’ve established your location and budget, you can now decide on the type of tent to hire. Most tent companies carry a variety of tent types, but the most common are Bedouin, frame and marquee tents. All boasting different features and prices, here is a basic breakdown of each.

  • Aluminium Frame Tents – distinguished for its “A” shape design and its clear-span aluminium frame, these tents are durable and waterproof. Contemporary, sophisticated and easily erected, they are ideal for hard surfaces and tight spaces. A little more expensive than marquees, frame tents can be joined with other structures, which means that you have more options when it comes to the shape/configuration
  • Bedouin/Free-Form Tents – a South African invention that originated from the outdoor trance dance scene in the early 90s, Bedouin tents can transform the dullest of locations into magical spaces. Ideal for any venue where the ground is soft enough to be rigged, using creative rigging techniques, free-form tents can create the most incredible range of organic, curvaceous sculpted shapes. A durable and waterproof winner used by those who demand a backdrop, not only can they be left open or partially closed, but they can also be attached to other tents or fixed structures to create extra space if required.
  • Peg and Pole Marquee Tents – durable, flexible, waterproof, and a whole lot cheaper than frame or free-form tents, marquee tents are best suited for grass and beach sand. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, marquees have centre pole obstructions and will require a clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes. Never failing to deliver, marquee tents bring a sense of security and comfort to those who use them.

From peg and pole marquees to frame tents and curvaceous Bedouin free-form stretch tents that boast organic sculpted shapes – tent hire is and will always be celebrated for unforgettable outdoor experiences in different outdoor locations and settings. Make your corporate event one of a kind with the tents for hire at TentWorx.