It is almost the end of the year and everyone is asking about the year-end function. You know that your company has done the same type of banquet style at a restaurant or lodge year after year. It is time to spice things up. After all – how can you expect your employees, colleagues and business partners to be creative, and then having to do the same old type of function year after year?

Of course, you will be wary of marquee tent hire. You don’t have the manpower to set up the tent and don’t even know if there is a tent large enough to seat your entire company. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to make bigger, sturdier, certainly better looking and more practical marquee tents than in the past. This means that you can seat up to 2 500 guests in a marquee of the right size, and at TentWorx, we have that tent!

Marquee tent hire is becoming increasingly popular for year-end functions because companies can now host stunning and unique events in their corporate gardens, in the bush or just about anywhere a road can take their employees. However, getting the most from your marquee tent hire will take a bit of planning. Here is where it becomes necessary to admit that you cannot do it all and even if you are the star at your firm, why would you want to spend hours at a time in trying to source catering equipment, caterers, décor, ambient lighting, tables and linen, if one company has it all? Besides, TentWorx also has the manpower, catering staff, and experts to help you make the best possible choice when it comes to the right size and type of marquee.

We’ll even help you to decorate the ceiling with special drapes, fairy lights and ambient lighting. Our décor is so stunning that some of your guests may have a hard time to focus on conversations. Combine the professionally decorated ceiling with the right lights and you have entered a fairy world. We are also able to transform the single coloured ceiling into a night sky, rainbow, winter wonderland or summer extravaganza, and it will all be stylish!

The furnishings must fit the particular type of event. Whereas the couch in the corporate entertainment room might be the talk of the office, it will not fit into a special corporate year-end function venue. As such, rather have us provide the tables, chairs, chair covers and linen, in addition to crockery and glassware. Our catering division will ensure that even the most discerning of tastes can be catered for and you can take credit for finding the best function and marquee tent hire company in the country.