Outdoor weddings are very popular in South Africa because of our warm and sunny climate. However, a few tips on planning outdoor weddings are shared below to help you make an informed decision and avoid common pitfalls.

Consider Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always seem to work with you when it comes to outdoor weddings. With the ceremony and reception being planned months ahead, it is difficult to predict the weather for the particular day. It is not uncommon for a storm to interrupt an outdoor event, even when clear skies were predicted. You thus need to make provision for the fact that it can rain on your wedding day. If you haven’t done so, by the time it is your wedding, you most certainly will be concerned the entire day.

The best way to be prepared is to rent a tent for the occasion. Even if you seat your guests outside and just have the tent as a backup plan, you will still be prepared. With the wide range of tents available from us at TentWorx, you can choose the size according to the number of guests and benefit from our lighting, décor, table, chair, cutlery, crockery, dance floors, podiums and other items which are also for hire.

If you wish to create a true outdoor setting without exposing your guests to harsh sunshine, wind and rain, why not rent one of our stylish Bedouin tents? The tent design is exceptionally flexible, enabling us to set it up in a unique manner to create an elegant outdoor setting, while still providing your guests with ample protection against weather elements.

Our lightweight aluminium frame tents can be set up on just about any surface and with no pegs and poles to be concerned about; the entire indoor setting is pole and peg free. This gives you more space to work with and you can select a tent with full side panels, or one that has side panels that can roll down. Our marquee tents are perfectly suited for large events and can handle groups as large as 2 000 people. That being said – we offer you tents in any size, whether you want a small intimate wedding or a princess style reception with hundreds of guests.

Planning the day and now already having a tent suitable for outdoor weddings, consider the following:

  • Is there enough drainage where the tent must be set up in case it rains?
  • How flat is the surface?
  • What type of surface is it?
  • Will you need a dance floor or event flooring?
  • Are there walkways available, should the ground around the tent be soaked the night before?

Fortunately, our experts will be able to assist with such considerations. It is of course advisable to check the weather forecasts and add floor sheeting around the area the night before, to keep the ground dry if there are forecasts of rain. We supply event flooring and will also look at the drainage aspects.

If the event is hosted in a windy part of the country, you’ll definitely want a quality tent. Talk to us about the weather conditions in your area and we’ll help you determine which tent style will be the most appropriate.

Noise Considerations

Perhaps not something you have thought about, but something as romantic as a waterfall can make it difficult for guests to hear the speaker or music. It is thus important to choose the set-up location with a rather level surface in mind, and with consideration for possible noise pollution that can interrupt your event. Fortunately, the frame and marquee tents have side panels that can be rolled down to protect against noise.

View our full range of tents and function equipment suitable for outdoor weddings and contact us for professional assistance in the selection of our equipment.