Do you have a huge year-end party coming up and not sure how to find a venue? As one of the most important company events, not only is this an excellent chance for business owners to communicate their message, strengthen relationships, thank clients for their support, as well as show appreciation to their hardworking employees, but your venue of choice needs to inspire your guests and make the entire experience an unforgettable one. Yes, a year-end function is an excellent way to motivate, achieve goals and improve business relations, which is why you really need to get it right.

Choosing a venue to host your year-end function is never an easy decision. If the venue does not complement your function, it can easily disappoint. In fact, as an events company at the forefront of tents for hire, we will even go as far as to say that your venue of choice can make or break your event. While a high-quality venue and appropriate location can complement your event no end, the converse can spoil the entire event.

The Future is Here: Freeform Sculpted Stretch Tents

The good news is if you are reading this then you already have your sights on stretch tents, and why not? What is not to love about these incredible freeform curvaceous tents? A South African invention that originated from the outdoor trance dance scene in the early ‘90s, stretch tents are an inspired tent style that is able to transform the dullest of venues into magical spaces that will allow for breath-taking backdrops.

Also referred to as Bedouin tents and freeform tents, stretch tents are an extremely stylish and cost-effective alternative to traditional peg-and-pole marquee and frame tents. Why? Well, not only are they preferred for both small and large events such as weddings, corporate parties, product launches and special private parties, but they can be set up anywhere, they have a very the stylish appearance, and they can be had in a variety of freeform organic, curvaceous sculpted shapes.

Made from some of the most advanced flex fabrics in the world, freeform sculpted stretch tents are not only 100% waterproof, but they are also UV resistant and fire retardant, ensuring that they are immune to just about every type of weather. Everyone loves stretch tents, but not everyone can afford to buy stretch tents, which is why they turn to TentWorx for stretch tents for hire.

To Hire or to Purchase?

Carefully engineered, stretch tents can be found in a variety of freeform organic, sculpted shapes and in various sizes and colours. These tents can be either fully open or partially closed and because they are made from some of the most advanced flex fabrics in the world and are 100% waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant, stretch tents are not cheap. What this means is if you are not going to be hosting conferences, business brunches, parties, conferences and festivals on a regular basis, then hiring is going to be a far better option for you than buying.

Enjoyed for facilitating unforgettable outdoor experiences in different outdoor locations and settings, stretch tents are the most popular tent hire option for any type of event. Whether you are hosting a private or corporate year-end event on the beach, on your business property, in the countryside, or on the banks of a river, you need to collaborate with TentWorx. We are the leading tent hire company in South Africa with the widest choice and the most affordable stretch tent hire prices. To find out more about our tents for hire, chat to us today.