If you are opting for stretch tent rentals in Gauteng for your upcoming wedding or special celebration, you probably want to cut back on venue hiring costs, and provide sufficient and stylish protection from the elements for your guests. It might sound like a tall order, but all of this is possible if you hire a tent from TentWorx.

Stretch tents first became popular in the early 2000s as a result of their versatile structure. They are also elegant features with great lines for creative and memorable photography at events. Because they can be set up almost anywhere, from the beach to a balcony, they have been a popular option not only for event organisers, but also for private individuals planning their own functions. The cost to hire a tent is relatively low, especially when you consider the one-of-a-kind space that you can create with it.

Stretch tent rentals in Gauteng would be useless if there was nowhere to pitch them. If you are looking for venues in Gauteng that allow clients to rig their own tents outdoors, then here are a few for your consideration:

  • Everwood Country Weddings – this venue is nestled in the heart of Gauteng and offers well-manicured gardens and various open spaces available for setting up your stretch tent. While your modern stretch tent is bound to provide the perfect contrast with the serene, natural surroundings, there are many other venue features that will provide the perfect backdrop or “props” for memorable photos. These include various water features, a cottage, or a quaint chapel. 
  • Diamond 4 Estate – this estate offers gorgeous photo opportunities. It’s a spacious venue that is run by a team of friendly and welcoming staff members. There are various places for you to rig a tent and the staff will ensure that all of your other wedding needs are taken care of.

While these are just function venues in Gauteng that are known to allow tents, there are many more for you to choose from. Most estates and countryside venues have space for tents and can provide a gorgeous setting for a wedding, birthday, sophisticated function, anniversary, or similar.

Tips for Creating a Gorgeous Space with a Stretch Tent 

When you choose our stretch tent rentals in Gauteng, simply let us know what you are looking to create, and we will arrange it all for you. We handle the rigging and breaking down of the structure, so that everything is done safely to avoid injury and potential damage to the tent. While the stretch tent, with its curved elegant design, serves as decoration on its own, there are various other ways in which you can transform the stretch tent into a gorgeous feature. Here are a few decorating tips to help you:

  • Use fairy lights to outline the edge of the structure. It’s also a good idea to twist delicate fairy lights around and along the length of your guide ropes. The guide ropes will therefore be easily seen and also provide a decorative element at the same time.
  • Paper lanterns are becoming quite popular to dangle from the tent roof along the guide ropes. Not only will they distract from the guide ropes, but they will also provide sufficient soft lighting that also creates playful and somewhat magical shadows with the curves and slants of the tent’s fabric.
  • Use LED lights to provide the colour scheme. If your table décor is purple, you might want to set up a few purple LED lights to create the illusion of the tent being purple in certain areas.
  • If you are having a bar area set up, you can avoid overcrowding and long queues by setting up a round bar in the centre of the tent space and having the “dance floor” directly around the bar area. It will create a streamlined feeling and keep the dining and “party” areas separate.

Affordable Stretch Tent Rentals Available at TentWorx in Gauteng 

If you are looking for stretch tent rentals in Gauteng that won’t break the bank, consider the options on our range at TentWorx. To discuss the right size and type of tent for your function, simply contact us via email or telephone today.